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Telly Mac - Project Celebrity

Telly Mac - Project Celebrity

Its always great when an album really surprises you, weither its great production or
top notch lyrics. Telly Mac drops a very solid album with Project Celebrity and is well worth your money, no questions asked.

Pistol In The Club features bay area boss San Quinn and the hard workign Matt Blaque,
and features a slapper of a beat. This song really is a perfect way to start the album
off, good hook, both mcs rip the mic apart and the beat is enjoyable.

8 Times 3
is on some gangster shit and features Daz and Nefew over an uptempo beat that
has that down south feel to it and has some crazy hot snares on it. Telly Mac shines on
this track, as he spits hard gangster lyrics for the whole song.

Do Dat For Dre is a dedication to Mac Dre and features the always entertaining Dubee
and features another up tempo beat that im sure Mac Dre would have sounded great on
aswell. If you where a big Mac Dre fan like myself then this song will have you
pressing the repeat button a bunch of times.

Flawless is my second favorite song on the album and is hot as fuck. First off the hook
is on some Reggae type shit and it really fits perfectly right here on this song.
The name of the song is perfect really, as this song is nearly flawless to me personally.
Mac Mall joins Telly Mac and doesnt dissapoint as he sounds hungry and on point like he
did in his Untouchable days. The beat is also very well done to and is a perfect backbone
for the hot chorus and Telly Mac and Mac Mall's verses. I honestly really wish that more
westcoast/bay area mcs would use more Reggae type shit on there songs, especially for the
hooks. If you havnt heard this song and enjoy reggae music then please go cop this, straight
slappin song.

Trappin is back to that mobb/trappin music that got me into the bay area rap scene
back in the day. Click Clack Gang join Telly Mac on this song and do a fantastic job
over another hot beat. Here are some of the lyrics from this heater
"I make the Dowe move, my out of town dudes know that when I touch we gonna make
the snowplows move/I show em how to whip it, not today, I been watching DEA and the First 48/
Mothafuckas snitchin like the shit is ok". So much soft rap music these days, its a breath of
fresh air to hear this Telly Mac/Click Clack Gang shit right here. Can We get a Telly Mac/Click CLack gang album already?

Im So Real is my shit at the moment, not only the best song on this album but one of the
best songs ive heard this year, period. I listen to alot of rap music, jazz music and reggae music
and this song is one of the best out of any genre in 09. The hook has so much soul in it that it really makes me shake my head at alot of other hooks that are on rap songs these days. The song is basically on some real life shit that anyone can feel and relate to. I know there is a video for this song, but can we please get some push for this song and the video? How this song hasnt blown up on the air waves is beyond me. Radio Stations in the bay area need to stop playing non stop Jay-z and 50 cent songs and play a track like this. Dudes on the air waves complain that the bay doesnt have any hot or radio friednly songs, well here is a song that should be played!

Mow To The Crest is the first song on the album that im not feeling to be honest. Coolio and Reek Daddy are two of my favorite mcs, but this song just doesnt have the kind of production that I was hoping for. Each mc does a godo job on the mic, thats not the problem here, its the average beat and the annoying chorus that really doesnt cut it for me. When I saw that Coolio and Reek Daddy and Miami where on this song with Telly mac I was real excited, but the song kind of dissapointed me. Decent song but not on par with the other tracks on the album and with the heavy hitters featured on this song, I was hoping for more.
Pay The Price has some hot horns and sounds like it could be on a soundtrack for Fightnight or Fight Club. San Quinn and Seff Tha Gaffla hop on the track and do not dissapoint. San Quinn does a great job on the chorus with his deep voice, along with Seff and Telly Mac rapping with confidence and charizma. Another very good track on a very solid album.

Hardline features JT Tha Bigga Figga and D-Moe and is another hard ass track with an entertaining beat and nothing but that real life mobb talk. The way this song comes together is great, gangster story's over a dope beat, what more can you ask for if your a fan of mob music?

Other Side has a real soulfull beat to it and features a really well palced voice sample aswell. One of the better beats on this album in my opinion as its extremely smooth and full of soul for days. Telly Mac really does a great job on the mic on this song to as he spits powerful lyrics the whole song. I would like to hear Telly Mac rock more beats like this in the future.

I could have done without One Way Flight To Boston, mainly because of the average beat that is on the song. The lyrics and hook are good, but its the production that just doesnt do anything for me on this song. After so many great beats that this album has, the beat on this song just seems out of place to me personally.

Knockin At Yo Face
is another slapper with great production, that features San Quinn and Boo Banga on the mic. The beat really is addicting on this track, after the song is done playing I wanted to hear the shit again right away. Here is a little taste of some of the lyrics from Telly Mac and Boo Banga:
"I got a swagger baby, with or without the bling/I wont stagger baby its really in my genes"
"Mona Lisa flow with that picture getting painted/My niggas got money and no sense/"

Pistol In The Club Remix features one of my favorite old school bay area rappers, Rappin 4-Tay showing that hes still got it with that classic flow. Mac Mall, Homewrecka, Matt Blaque,San Quinn and the underrated Spice1 also show up on the track aswell.

Telly Mac has dropped a very good album with Project Celebrity, it features a good amount of slappin beats, excellent appearances and Telly Mac does a great job on the mic aswell. This album really surprised me to be 100% honest, its very consistant the whole way thru the cd, not many bad or skippable tracks on this album at all. Looking for an album that has great variety in its production and has tons of mob/gangster tales? Then do yourself a favor and cop a copy of this album right now.

I really enjoyed 14 out of 16 of the songs on this album, with Im So Real, Flawless, Knockin At Yo Face, Other Side and Trappin being my personal favorites. Another great album from the bay in the last few months of 09, this is a wonderful thing to hear so many quality albums towards the end of the year. Not the best album out of the bay this year, but a great addition to anyones cd collection.

SCORE = 8/10

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