Friday, November 20, 2009

Boss Hogg - King Creepa

Boss Hogg - King Creepa

First off let me say that Ive always enjoyed Boss Hogg as far as his flow and lyrics go. With this album "King Creepa" Boss Hogg tries his hardest to make a good album with below average production, which is usually a dman near impossible thing to do.

"He Dumb" features Lil Cuddie and has a decent beat, but nothing special or that will have you putting it on repeat. This song is that hyphy shit that alot of the Thizz Ent artists do, which I dont mind when Keak Da Sneak and others are doing it, but this song here is a very average hyphy track, it just doesn't have that energy or production needed to make a good hyphy track in my opinion.

"Cant See Me But Can Hear Me" Is much better, the beat is good and the lyrics are better aswell. Boss Hogg brings his creative flow and charizma on this track. The difference between the first song on this album and this 2nd song is crazy, as far as quality goes. In the end, this song works, and the first one didnt.

"Shut Up" Is one of my favorite songs on the album, which features Mac Mall on the track and has an addicting beat that has some nice bass on it. Both Boss Hogg and Mac Mall spit with energy and style over one of the better beats on the album. Not the best beat, but for what they are doing on this song, it does a very good job. Song reminds me of something Mac Dre would spit on if he was still around.

"Keep it Lit" Is a boring track with a beat that sounds like it was made by someone who has never made a beat in there life and is trying an mpc or a keyboard for the first time. Hate to say it but this song
was giving me a headache while I was listening to it.

"In My Eyes" Is another good track on this album, which features Vallejo boss J-Diggs and a slappin slower paced beat that does Boss Hogg and J-Diggs justice. This is when hyphy music is at its best, good beat, enjoyable hook, with lyrics and slang that fits the track. J-Diggs steals the show on this song with his deep voice and gangster lyrics that hes been doing for many a moons as he spits "Rare breed with a need for speed/ and i gotta have weed like I need to breath"

"Ay Bitch" Is annoying as hell, the song features Holly Roc and has a beat that will have you shaking your head in discust. Not much more to say other then I hated this song, period.

"Cutthoat World" has Boss Hogg spittin some dope lines with a very nice flow, but the hook and beat once again dont do his verses justice at all. The beat sounds like some playgorund, lulaby type shit, very boring.

"I Go" is a up tempo track that sounds like Keak Da Sneak would rip apart. Boss Hogg flows very well over this beat that sounds like some Down South type production. Shigady joins the song and doesnt dissapoint with a nice appearance. Another song on this album that really works, hyphy music done the right way.

"Twist" is lame as hell, dont get me started on this song, on to the next song, period.

"Knock in the trunk" is a slapper and one of the better tracks on the album, with a slappin beat
and a great hook. This is the type of song that you want to hear from Boss Hogg. As you listen to this song you cant help but think that Too $hort should be on this song, sounds like his type of song. This song had me saying the chorus over and over long after the song was done, very enjoyable hyphy track.

"Gorgeous" is nothing special at all and is another skippable track on this un-even album.

"Untouchable 09" is the last track on the album and one of the best aswell. Once again it features Mac Mall, who sounds better then he did on his whole last album. The beat is not that great, but the two mcs rip the mic to peices on this track, along with Mac Mall coming thru with a fantastic hook!

Overall the album is hard to rate because there are some horrible songs but then some good enjoyable tracks aswell. Its not like the album is all bad or all good, its pretty much even with slappin songs and terrible songs. The problem on this album isnt the lyrics or flow of Boss Hogg, its just that he didnt get very good production on this cd. If there was better beats the cd woulda been ALOT better.

RATING = 6/10

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