Saturday, November 14, 2009

NBA2k10 (Videogame Review)

2K is back again this year with the king of basketball video games. Last year they delivered a great game, but it also had its share of issues. This year they have made the gameplay a lot more realistic, with more emphasis on defense and teamwork.

There is a new mode that is called My Player, which is amazingly well done. You start off by making your player, getting drafted and trying out for NBA teams. If you don't make the cut, you will be in the farm league trying to earn your way into the NBA. You really have to work as a good teammate to do well in My Player mode. I was trying to earn a spot on the Detriot Pistons with My Player and I was going up against Stuckey and Bynum trying to show I deserved a spot on their roster. Very addicting and really well designed.

The presentation this year is also vastly improved. The main improvement for me is the announcing; if you hit a game winning shot, the announcer will go crazy. What if you make a boneheaded play? Yes, they will mock you about it. This might be the best announcing in a sports game ever. The animation of the players is also very well done. The graphics are not all that changed, but there are some little improvements that you will notice.

The only issues the game has are a few server problems and some people are having some framerate problems in some select arenas when doing moves in the paint. Nothing game-breaking by any means, and 2K has said they are already hard at work on some updates that will fix the few small issues that the game has. Also, thankfully 2K took out the cheap things people would do online last year and have made the online a hell of a lot better. The Association mode is also a huge improvement this year compared to last year; it's a lot deeper this year in every way possible. NBA 2K10 has defended its belt and continues to be champ of b-ball games this year. Go cop it now!

SCORE = 9/10

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