Saturday, November 14, 2009

(MUSIC REVIEW) Danked Out - We On Some Other Shit

Danked Out - We On Some Other Shit (fea.Krypto and Indecent)

Up and coming emcee Danked Out seems to be the next big thing from Mac Dre's hometown of Vallejo. This single We On Some Other Shit has a dope beat on it hooked up by Scandal. The rapping on here is top notch too.

Krypto always brings heat with his verses, but its Danked Out who steals the show with a perfect flow and great lyrics. He sounds extremely hungry and reminds me of Turf Talk when he first came into the game, spitting nothing but fire. I've had this song for about a month and it's been on repeat the whole time. This is the type of Vallejo rap music that I've been waiting for. Lemme leave you with a couple ill lines from Danked Out: "Load em up, the fam is with me/ the grams is sticky/ I'm chiefin' like Kansas City" and "I'm knocking shit down, yall better let him in/ top spot, lookin' down like a pelican/ and never give it up like I'm celibate."

SCORE = 8.5/10

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