Sunday, November 29, 2009

Krypto and S.B. - Run Wit Us

Krypto and S.B. - Run Wit Us

Got an early taste of the new work from Krypto and S.B. this weekend and if RUN WIT US is any indication of how this album will be, then this could be a greatway to start off 2010 for the bay area.

Two of the more consistant and underrated rappers out of the bay join forces and dont dissapoint over a hot beat from Snack Pack. The production is on some mob shit and is just what the docter ordered for SB and Krypto to spit over, dope drums and a sick westcoast synth that reminds me of the synth on Ice Cube's Ghetto Bird to some degree.

This is the first ive heard from Snack Pack on the boards and if he can continue to bring heat like this then I defiantly look forward to hearing more from him. Its not the most complex beat, but sometimes less is more when it comes to production, as is the case here as dude keeps it slappin and doesnt try to do to much or go overboard with the beat.

Now to the bosses on the mic, Krypto and SB are two mcs that can bring that mob/gangster shit as good as anyone on the mic. But at the same time both mcs are very versatile aswell. They can also do some deep and meaningful tracks to go along with that hard mob music.

Both mcs ride the beat on this song perfectly with great flow and good lyrics, as both SB and Krypto sound extremely confident and sure of the music they are putting forward here. The track is also mixed extremely well and sounds very professional which is always great to hear.

It seems like when you have high expectations for an album,movie or videogame its easy for it to be dissapointing and not live up to the high expectations you had for it. But from hearing this song, Im extremely confident that this album that Krypto and S.B. are working on will be top notch and well worth copping.

Vallejo vet Krypto and UNLV member S.B. are looking to keep the bay area rap scene moving foward in 2010 after a great finish to 2009.

SCORE = 9/10

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