Friday, November 20, 2009

Indecent The Slapmaster - Slapsinatra Vol.4

Indecent The Slapmaster - Slapsinatra Vol4 (Mixed by:DJ AMBIDEKSTRES)

Indecent has been one of the hardest working Bay Area producers for awhile now and is now releasing a 4 disc release. Each disc has a differnt bay area dj on it aswell which should give each disc a unique sound and feel.

Every song on all 4 of the albums is produced by Indecent The Slapmaster himself.
Volume 4 is mixed by DJ AMBIDEKSTRES and is the one I will be reviewing below.

Dragons is the first song after the intro and feautres bay area boss Yukmouth, The underrated Young Dru, Monsta Ganja and features a CRAZY beat from Indecent. Yukmouth and Young Dru both sound right at home over this slappin beat from Indo. Fantastic way to start off this cd, with two of the better rappers in the bay area, over a fantastic
head nodding/gangster beat.

What You Here For has a nice beat and Krypto steals the show with his confident flow and show that he has lyrics for days and day.

Rock Star is a harder beat from Indo that features youngster and freestyle animal Taj He Spits and Krypto on the mic. The production has some nicely placed drums on it along with some rock influence in there that works well also.

Dose Of The Real is really the only track im not feeling on the album, I dont really know what it is about it, I just have a need to skip the song when this song comes around each time I listen to this cd. The beat is pretty good, but its the rapping and hook that might be throwing me off.

How Far Will This Go really shows Indecent's versatility as a producer as female artist Maryann is on the R+b tip and it works extremely well over this chill, somewhat pop beat from Indecent.

Just Another Day is a crazy beat from Indecent and one of my favorite productions on the album. Enormus Tha Ox and Tony Streetz do a good job of rapping on this track aswell. The hook is also done really well aswell that will have you singing the hook over and over in your head after hearing it.

M.O.E is one of the best tracks on the album as it is on some real intense Mobsta shit. Indecent cooks up a real slapper here for Lee Majors and Young Dre, with some ridicolously hot Synths and some hard hitting drums and sick hi hats aswell.

No More Left is the best track on the album as Livewire kingpin Jstalin joins the late Mac Dre, Slim Face and Indecents right hand man the underappreciated Krypto. The beat is classic Indo, as he laces a dope beat that Mac Dre rides perfectly with lines like "You got no heart and dont want no parts of a real nigga, chump I kill niggas!" and "Beat niggas up like prince nazim/When the funk jump bet he gone hide/Scared he gone die, when we gone ride". I wish Mac Dre would have rocked over more beats from Indecent because this is a banging ass track right here that Mac Dre and J-Stalin both tear apart.

Get Off Me is on some high tempo Hyphy shit and features the up and coming mc Acktup. This is hyphy shit at its best in my opinion, a slappin ass beat with slappin drums and an mc that spits with high energy. The hook is great to "GET OFF ME GET OFF ME! IM TO SAUCY!". Im not a huge fan of Hyphy tracks, but this song is Hyphy done right no doubt.

Shill Mac is one of the better rappers on the come up in the bay area and he gets a fantastic beat from Indo on this one. Nice bass and some slick keys produced by Indecent which equal a great track. Not to mention the chorus is also done very well by Shill Macc, here are a few line from Shill Macc "Pull Lime, sip henesey, lie is what I dont do/You can look a nigga in his eye and see he on to/Riding in an old school, feelin like im fresh and new"

Deltrice is a nice layed back track from Deltrice, who always blows me away with her chill and beautiful voice. She really deserves to blow up, she has as good a voice as any other female singer and has a very unique style to her, no watered down shit from her, period. The beat is a nice layed back chill ebat from Indo that has some fantastic synths or keys in it and some nice quick kicks in there aswell.

The album ends with a slappin track that has ridicolous bass in it and is on some gangster/mob shit to the fullest. Willie Joe, Krypto and Slim Face do a good job on the mic and do this slappin beat from Indo justice.

Overall its a very good listen this album with only one song that I wasnt feeling. Volume 4 realy shows Indecents versatility as a producer and a taste of what hes done over the years in the bay. In my opinion there is not manyproducer in the bay at the moment with Indecent the Slapmaster's work ethic. Indecent's best beats are the mob/gangster beats in my opinion, but he shows that he can make any kind of beat really.

DJ AMBIDEKSTRES also does a solid job as the dj on this aswell, he doesnt toss a whole bunch of annoying gun shots or police sirens playing over the music and keeps it basic and enjoyable.

Looking forward to hearing Volumes 1,2 and 3! You can get this set on cdbaby and soon ITUNES and

SCORE: 8/10

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