Monday, November 30, 2009

Errelevant and Equivalent Exchange - Destroy and Rebuild

Errelevant and Equivalent Exchange - Destroy and Rebuild

When you hear about a free album the first thing I usually think about is low quality, because they are giving it away. Errelevent and Equivalent Exchange look to change that with this album right here as they both bring there A game to the table.

First off let me tell you this right off the bat, the beats are fantastic on this album and are better then alot of albums production that you gotta pay money for. Equivalent Exchange did all of the beats if im not mistaken and he does a great job on here, as every beat is slap worthy and not one bad or annoying beat on here.

The album starts off with Take You Higher which features Errelevant doing a great job on the hook as his flow is on point and his verses are nicely done aswell. Equivalent Exchange cooked up a hot beat that will have you nodding your head the whole way thru to.

Pull Up To The Front is crazy hot, with a ridicolous beat from Equivalent Exchange, that features some crazy voice samples that work really well. But its Livewire all star J-Stalin that steals the show on this song as he sounds right at home over the up tempo Equivalent Exchange production. Errelevant does a good job on the song aswell, as he seems to share the swagger and confidence that J-Stalin brought to the track. Not only one of my favorite songs on the album but this is one of my favorite tracks of the year and has been on repeat for awhile. Can we get a J-Stalin album produced by Equivalent Exchange please? Stalin rips this beat to peices on this song and leaves you asking for me.

Back At It has some good bass on the production and also has some hard hitting snares aswell. Errelevant once again does a very good job on the hook and you can really hear the chemistry between him and Equivalent Exchange. The change up on this beat is another highlight aswell, as Nick Pro continues his onslaught of hot beats.

Goin For Mine is one of the only tracks on this album that im not really feeling that much. The beat is well made and quality stuff but Errelevant seems to be forcing things a bit on the mic with this song. Not a terrible track at all, but just not up to par with the other tracks on this album in my honest opinion. Beat is still very good, but the rapping and hook im just not feelin.

Show Me What You Got has Errelevent spittin with a faster flow and pulls it off no questions asked. The beat is on some differnt shit from the rest of the album, but its still slappin as hell. Equivalent Exchange really shows his versatility with this beat as it sounds like some Grouch or Prince Paul type of producion, very unique and completely differnt then the other beats on this album. Errelevent also rocks another great hook on this song, hes very consistant with his hooks so far on this album.

Up In Here is another one of my favorite tracks on the album as San Jose mc Stik Gilatine jumps in and continues to show everyone that he is an mc to keep an eye on in the future. Another great beat from Equivalent Exchange and is also one of personal favorite beats on this album. I could see a video for this song aswell, as its got that party vibe but isnt on some watered down shit either. The song is dope as fuck and on top of that is a track that the ladies will enjoy aswell.

What Its Come To
features a crazy beat that has a violin in it, along with a well done voice sample aswell. This beat is seriously some ill shit, one of the years best beats to me personally. Errelevent kicks some fantastic lyrics on this song and for some reason reminds me of a more confident version of Slug from Atmosphere on this track. This track is in my top 3 favorites for this album aswell, from the beat to the lyrics and flow of Errelevent.

On Me has an addicting beat, especially when the hook comes on, straight slap! Errelevent brings us along for a day in his life and is another track that could be very party/radio friendly, but also has good lyrics and is enjoyable aswell. Its nice to have a radio friendly track that also has good lyrics to.

I Dont Mind
is another one of my favorite tracks on the album as we get yet another slappin beat that is on some Dr.Dre type shit and is dope as fuck from start to finish. Errelevent also does a great job on the mic here and might be his best rapping on the whole album.

Differnt Days
is a fantastic way to finish the album and is a track that ive been putting on durign smoke sessions alot aswell. The way Errelevent does the chorus is perfect and dont get me started on the beat, shit is perfection. It might not be a track just about smoking grapes but it is a song that sounds even better when you are high as fuck. The beat is really slick and I found myself adding this song to my smoke sessions, along side Luniz-5 On It, Ziggy Marley-One Good Spliff, The Jacka-Barney and Scarface-Mary Jane.

About a quarter of the way thru the album I was wondering if Errelevent could keep up with these amazing beats. But as the album moves along he continues to do a very good job with each track. He might not be the best lyricist around or be the best mc, but he proves on this shit that he can hold his own and that he knows how to make a song work. Its also worth to mention that dude does a GREAT job on the hooks on this album, to many times a chorus or hook will ruin a track for me, but Errelevent makes sure that each one that he has control over is up to par.

This album's order of tracks is also very well done and an underrated part of making an album. Some albums will have all the great songs at the begining or all at the end, but with this cd you get all the best tracks spread out and not all together.

Differnt Days, Pull Up To The Front, Up In here and I Dont Mind are all amazing tracks and my favorite on the album. The other tracks are good aswell, and while I wasnt feeling one or two songs (Polished and Goin For Mine), it doesnt take away from the overall consistency of this album right here.

Destroy and Rebuild has a good variety of underground, lyrical, party and slappin tracks that it really should have something for every kind of hiphop fan. I woudlnt go as far as saying this is the best album of the year, or top 3 for that matter, but its defiantly in my top 10 albums for all genres of this year... and its FREE!

You can download the album for free right here =

SCORE = 8/10

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