Thursday, November 26, 2009

Homewrecka - Jefe De Jefes

Homewrecka - Jefe De Jefes

Homewrecka of The Click Clack Gang drops his album titled Jefe De Jefes and doesnt dissapoint.

The Intro has good production and features Silo reporting in from the Pen, but also has Homewrecka rapping on the song later on and he does a good job over this chill ass beat, spittin about his life.

I'm Eatin has a super dope beat that features some nicely placed keys and good drums. Homewrecka spits some great story telling shit on this song and also does a nice job on the chorus aswell. Nothing but Street tales on this song and it works perfectly over this kind of production.

Confetti features Lucci and Screl and is on some more intense mob shit then the first few songs. The beat is decent enough, but its the rapping of all 3 mc's that really shines on this track.

You's A Bad features Boo and Willie Hen on the mic and Messy Marv on the hook. The beat is slower paced and is about bad bitches and definatly works. I can see this song getting play in the strip clubs all around the world, the only thing missing is a cameo from Too $hort! A differnt type of vibe on this song then the rest of the album has but it also works.

Pay The Price is a Homewrecka solo track and features one of the better beats on the album. Homewrecka really rips this track apart with his rapping and his flow as he spits mob tales that honestly would be great on a soundtrack for something like Menace II Society or The Wire Its tracks like this that got me hooked on bay area music years ago, that real life music with dope lyrics and a slappin ass beat. Homewrecka on the hook almost reminds me of a hungry and young Cormega from back in the day. Are we seeing the rise of the bay areas version of Cormega? With his street life storytelling and versatility only time will tell. A fantatsic track that ive had on repeat since I got this album, worth copping the album just for this song in my honest opinion.

Nothin is another crazy hot track! It starts off with the great production and also features Mac Mall who rips the chorus apart and really makes the track come together nicely. Homewrecka and Boo both do a great job on the mic as they do the mic and hook from Mac Mall justice. Is it just me or does this kind of Mac Mall make me want to put Untouchable on and shake the house? Why coudlnt we get this kind of slap from Mac Mall on his last solo album? Probably my second favorite track on the album and a real heater!

Livin To The Max is a more up tempo type of track and features San Quinn lending a hand to Homewrecka. The hook is well done and perfect for this kind of song. Here is a sample of Homewrecka on this song:
"Never hesitate to put a punk in his place/If he dont run everything Im a shoot him in his face/
I murder like Mase, Rob like Bass, 6's felt small so now I ride on 8's/Club gone crack when ever Wreck in place/reach for my chain put the pepa to your face".

I dont know About You is some hard ass shit and features mob figgas member The Jacka who has been on fire lately. Blappin beat and one of my favorite tracks on the album because it really reminds me of some old school bay area mob shit or some 2pac shit. The hook is awesome and each rapper rips the mic apart, as the Jacka spits with energy:
"20 bricks on my hands, I cant juggle with that/I fuck around and get smothered for that/Yeah Block shit, something like Pac shit/You got the 9 but I doubt you ever rocked shit".

Stuntin is one of the few tracks on the album that I wasnt really into for what ever reason. The beat just doesnt do anything for me as it seems to basic and half done. Homewrecka does his part on the mic, but he production just is extremely average, especially when compared to the other beats on this album. Its a shame that the beat wasnt better either, becuse the hook is dope and the rapping and lyrics are on point. The beat really does ruin this song though in my honest opinion.

Feels So Good has a dope voice sample, some hot kicks and overall very good production. Messy Marv is also on this song as he joins Boo and Homewrecka on this hot beat. The hook also works aswell and will have you pressing the repeat button more then likely aswell. Another good thing about this song is that not only the homeboys will be bumpin this song but the women can rock to this song to. As 2pac said, you gotta have a few tracks on your album that the women can bump aswell, the hard part to do it still make the song top notch and not sell out to some watered down crap. Messy Marv drops a great verse and makes me wish that The Click Clack Gang and Messy Marv would settle there differences and get back to doing songs together, because this song is a great track!

Run is crazy hot and features D-Lo, Animosity and Marvaless rapping over a hot ass beat. What a great way to finish an album, with this crazy beat and each mc spit extremely hard. Marvaless she shows that shes still one of the top female rappers in the rap game (if not the best) as she steals the show on this song with nothing but heat, can we get another solo Marvaless album? D-lo does a great job alongside Homewrecka on this song aswell. Another highlight on a very good album, this song is on some straight mob shit right here!

Homewrecka has dropped a gem of an independent album here, with great street tales and for the most part good production. Overall its an extremely good listen and worth your money if you enjoy that Mob shit like I do. Homewrecka not only spits that gangster shit extremely well, but he also shows that he can spit some deep/meaningful lyrics on top of the mob shit.

I cant front, dude really shows his versatility on this album, going from street anthems and gangster tales, to a few radio friendly tracks and also some deep/thoughtful tracks. He also shows that he doesnt need Messy Marv on every track to make a quality album, the features on here do a good job, but Homewrecka also holds his own on his solo tracks.

I really hope that this album gets the push it deserves and that all this beef with Messy Marv is worked out. I would hate to see this album not make it to stores because of some legal bullshit.
Besides a few beats I could do without, this album is excellent and has cracked my top 5 bay area albums of 2009.

SCORE = 8.5/10

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