Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mac Mall - Mac To The Future (MUSIC REVIEW)

Mac Mall - Mac To The Future

Mac Mall dropped one of the best rap albums ever in my opinion with "Untouchable". It had great production from Khayree and Mac Mall had great lyrics and that perfect flow.

Sometimes its hard to make another album as good as your first or best one, Mac Mall has had some good releases since then but Mac To The Future is not one of them.
Even the underrated, enjoyable DA US OPEN with Mac Dre was extremely good and
looked like Mac Mall was going back to his great raps, I guess that was just him teasing us.

Its sad to see that so much talent is making an album this bad. The production is some of the worst of this year, with only two good beats on the whole cd.

Mac Malls flow is still just as good as ever, but his lyrics have taken a nosedive for the worse on this album. Instead of some of the best inner city stories and tales that rap has heard, we get a watered down Mac Mall, talking about bullshit for the most part.

There are a few songs that I enjoyed, such Sawyer Street and Fire Remix, but 2 decent songs out of 13 is not acceptable, especially from someone as good as Mac Mall.

Nuthin Bout Thizz is garbage, Cutthroat Life is extremely hard to even finish listening to, Hubble High is annoying as hell, Pimpasistic is terrible, For Real makes your ears hurt and Tell Dem is one of the worst songs of the year. Alley Oop and I Dont Get Mad are decent, but still
nothing to write home about.

Such a dissapointing cd after his good work on DA US OPEN and all of his previous albums. I really hope Mac Mall starts to put out quality music again, because hes got so much talent and such a great flow that its sad to see him on this Mac To The Future bullshit.

Stay Away from this album at all costs, if you do get it, then do like i did with Nas - Nastrodamus and toss it in the fish tank at ya girls house.

Mac Mall and Thizz entertainment have both put out MUCH better music then this. The production is horrible, while Mac Malls lyrics are not terrible, they are not nearly as good as he is capable of.

SCORE = 4/10

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