Monday, December 28, 2009

Nobe - Going Up Vol.1

Nobe - Going Up Vol.1

Going Up Vol.1 is a dope little mixtape from Infantry member Nobe and has some real heaters on it.

"Back Up In This Bitch" Is a decent track that has a dope beat on it from Johny Juliano and Nobe rapping aswell.

"The Truth" is a dope track with Nobe at his best, spittin good lyrics with confidence and energy for the whole track. Nobe spittin some real lyrics on this song with some real meaning, he gotta do more tracks like this.

"Jaw Drop" features the underrated Julio Tha Kydd and has a dope ass beat produced from Epik The Dawn and will have you rewinding or putting it on repeat. The lyrics and flow on the track are good but its definatly the beat that steals the show on this track. Keep an ear our for Julio Tha Kydd in the future,dude has alot of talent.

"Feet On The Ground" is another dope beat that would be right at home on an atmosphere or Murs album in my opinion, super dope production right here. Mr.Legit and G-Mo join Nobe on the mic and each mc does a good job rapping over this ridicolous beat. One of the best tracks on this mixtape for me personally.

"What The Fuck You Do" has been out for awhile and has a good beat made by Nobe. Young Crowda also does a good job on the mic with his slow delivery. Nobe also does a nice job rapping on here aswell and the hook he did for the track is dope.

"Boss Me Up" is a track that I could do without to be honest. The beat is nice but the rapping n shit im not feeling at all. Nobe is at his best when hes rapping on some lyrical shit or some harder shit, instead of the watered down tracks for the women like Boss Me Up and Momma In A Mansion.

"Seize The Moment" is another slapper and has Zioni and San Quinn lending a helping hand. The beat from King Of Spadez slap hard as fuck and Nobe starts the song off with a dope verse. You already know how Quinn and Zioni do so no need to talk on that, dudes always do a great job.

"Wanna Be" is a very entertaining track and has Nobe at his best, spittin some lyrical shit. The beat is another slapper from Epik The Dawn, which features some dope claps and overall is just real dope.

"Ponder On" is a hot beat produced by Nobe and has a nice voice sample in it that works really well. Nobe once again is at his best as hes spittin with energy and meaning in his lyrics, once again thisis when dude is at his best on the mic, with tracks like this. Katz joins Nobe on the track and does a
decent job on the mic, his voice is good but his flow and lyrics could be better. Still overall this is another good track.

"Cocky Wit It" is another one of the better tracks on the mixtape and is non stop slap. King Cydal and Roach Gigz join the party over a dope party/hyphy type beat from Nobe. As far as the rapping goes each person who touches the mic does a great job. This is a track that I could hear on the radio or
in the clubs, its got that up tempo feel to.

"Sitting On Top Of The World" has a nice beat but Im not really feeling Nobes hook on this track at all, his rapping is good, but the hook just ruins it for me. Flash Beats did a nice job on the beat though, would like to hear more production from him.

"Gas Session" is a lyrical cypher with non stop lyrics from G-Mo, Young Rebz, Nobe and G-Eazy. Not the best beat on the album, but it still slap and is a good setting for the mcs to gas over.

"Put It Up" shows Nobes talent on the beats, aswell as his talent on hooks and his rapping skills. The production is on some Neptunes type shit and slaps all the way thru if you got a nice system.

"Shut It Down" is the last song on the album and has Nobe spitting more uptempo over a a godo beat from nobe that features some slappin bass. The hook is well made aswell, and makes the track more accessible to the ladies. Not my favorite track on the album, but to be honest it just shows Nobes versatility.

Overall this mixtape is extremely solid and has some real slappers on it. There is the odd track that isnt up to par with the best tracks on the album, but in the end this mixtape is well worth checking out.

The original production from every producer on here is very good and the recording quality is also good aswell. Keep an ear to the streets for Nobe in the future, his beats are really getting better and he shows that he can rock a mic aswell as making slaps. The cover is also well made, shoutout to Tony Lo on that cover work, simple but dope.

SCORE = 7.5/10

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    I really liked your review. And although I really wanted to see it, then was talked out of it, I'm going to see it this weekend and am madly excited.