Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Souls Of Mischief - Montezuma's Revenge

Souls Of Mischief - Montezuma's Revenge

Hieroglyphics have been one of the best underground groups of all time in my opinion. They put on amazing live shows, drop solid albums and have been trend setters in this independent rap game for many moons.

Souls Of Mischief are back at it again with there new album and have Prince Paul with them on the beats. From what I've heard everyone who worked on this project lived in the same house and all worked on the full album together and you can really tell by listening to this album, it really feels like everyone was there and working hard together.

I enjoyed 93 Till Infinity and I also thought No Mans Land was a fantastic aswell, even though others hated on it. After those two slappin albums though it seemed to me like Souls Of Mischief had lost a step and just coudlnt put together another complete album that was great from front to back.

With Montezumas Revenge, A-plus and the crew show that they are back at it and as good
as ever! I dont know if its the fact that they all lived in the same house and worked on
the whole album together with Prince Paul or what, but the album comes together perfectly
and you can really feel the effort and love that Prince Paul put into the production on here.

Everyone knows that Souls Of Mischief can spit lyrics with the best of em and that
they all have great flows, but its there beats that ususally decide how good one of there
albums is in my opinion, this is where Prince Paul comes in and does his thang.

"One" is a dope track that features some slappin drums and some slick guitar aswell,
overall its a very well made beat and each MC rips the mic apart. This song really sets
the tone for the whole album and gets you hooked right off the bat.

"Postal" is an amazing track that has one of the years best beats as Prince Paul supplies
a perfect beat that cant really be described in a review, you really have to hear it.
The lyrics are also great to as each member of Souls spils there heart and soul into this
song. Its very rare that I get goose bumps from a beat but this is one of those few beats
that really sticks in my head, go smoke a fatty and get pulled into Prince Pauls amazing
proudction on this song. Not only the best song from Hieroglyphics since Peploves
Pacific Heights, but one of this years best tracks.

"Tour Stories" is about Souls of Mischief touring around the world and little stories from
there adventures. The production is also top notch on this song aswell, as Prince Paul
keeps pulling you in from all directions with an intoxicating beat. This is when Souls are
at there best in my opinion, when they are telling stories and talking about stuff that has
happened in the past. Nothing groundbreaking as far as the lyrics go, but everything fits
together very well here, from the production to the raps.

"Proper Aim" has some crazy bass and is pretty basic compared to the other beats on here
but that doesnt mean it doesnt slap. Bump this beat up loud and you can really feel the bass
on here and each mc rides the bass extremely well, with Aplus stealing the show.

"You Got It" is another fantastic track and up there with Postal and Poets as my favorite
on the album. The production has a a dope little voice sample that says "YOU GOT IT!" that
comes in from time to time and its just addicting as hell. There is also a well placed flute
in there aswell and the drums are well doen aswell.

"Poets" is super slappin and is tied with Postal as my favorite song on the album. I dont
know where to start with this song really, the beat is amazing with another voice sample that
is really genius and each mc spits with alot of confidence on the mic. After hearing this song
you will be saying the hook with the voice sample over and over, Prince Paul really has outdone
himself on this album. You will hear one rapper talking about trying to get some weed and another rapping about women giving him head in the car and "head docters" as some call em in the bay.

"Morgan Freeman" is a short track that is cool, but more of a funny skit to me, that Prince Paul is known for with his albums. Some might think its out of place, but if you know of Prince Pauls other albums then you will understand this little random skit.

"Dead Man Walking" is blappin all the way thru as Prince Paul once again cooks up a crazy beat that each member of Souls Of Mischief rips to peices. The drums are top notch and the whole beat is well done and continues Prince Pauls extremely solid production on this album.

"For Real Yall" is the one song I wasnt feeling that much as it just feels boring to me when compared to the other songs on the album. Its not terrible by anymeans, but just seems out of place to me after all the other fantastic tracks that this album has to offer

"Lickety Slip" knocks the whole way thru and is a great song about beign sick of your girl and wanting to get rid of her for the shit she does. Production has some hard hitting snares and overall is another heater from the legendary Prince Paul. Each mc does there job well on this song to as each seem right at home with the topic of the song and the great beat from Prince Paul. Im pretty sure that every guy on the earth can appreciate or relate to this song aswell, as everyone has had some issues with there girl at some point or another and wanted to get rid of the bitch like Lickety Split!

"Home Game" is classic Souls Of Mischief, as its on some laid back party shit! After listening to this song it made me think back to the sun and time spent in Brazil with beautiful women around. This really is Souls at there best, making the party rock with good quality music and making that FEEL GOOD MUSIC. Some songs are perfect for certain times and this song is perfect for a summertime BBQ, the beat has a perfect guitar in it, dope drums and each verse is on point.

This album is the best Hiero related album in ages and definatly the best souls of mischief album since the underrated No Mans Land. I cant give enough props to Prince Paul though for this album, sometimes it seems like Souls Of Mischief have a hard time picking good beats for a full album but Prince Paul has made some amazing beats and really put together perfect beats for the boys to rock on. The album cover here is also one of the best ive seen in years to be honest, its a fantastic painting and really dope.

I dont know how much Prince Paul had to do with the overall feel of this album, to me his beats and the organization of this album is something very special. Its great to hear Souls Of Mischef back on top again and rocking over some to notch beats! One of the top 5 albums fo 2009 for me personally as Prince Paul has once again made some ridicolous beats and Souls Of Mischief have proven that they are not done yet and are as good as they have ever been at ripping a mic apart.

SCORE = 9/10

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