Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stik Gilatine - The Fly Guy

Stik Gilatine - The Fly Guy

San Jose rap music is very underrated and has had a pretty big year so far in 2009. The Enemigos cd surprised the hell out of me and was slappin from front to back, The Teal Town album was solid and Stik Gilatine aswell with The Fly Guy.

Stik Gilatine has a ton of talent and to me is up there with Nio Tha Gift, Danked Out, Homewrecka, Turf Talk and The Livewire crew as the best of the up and coming westcoast rappers

The Fly Guy starts off with Aviator Light Speed which features G-Owens and is a nice way to start the album off and introduce those who are new to Stik. The beat is dope and the hook is addicting as hell, a very smooth and laid back track.

My Cool is a slappin ass track that has a hot beat and Stik Gilatine spittin some great raps with a steady flow. This is one of those tracks that I could see on the radio or in the club, but at the same time its not watered down bullshit, its a good track that just happens to be club friendly. The hook is also good and should have alot of people looking to get G-Ownes on a hook or two for there album.

Dippen UFO's is one of my favorite tracks on the album as its got a real soulfull feel to it. The production is on point with some great drums, nice bass and a perfect voice sample. Stik sounds right at home over this type of laid back, soulfull beat as he pulls you into his world and will have you putting this track on repeat. Such a ridicolous track this one with its smooth beat, a hot chorus and Stik doin the damn thang on the mic aswell.

Lois Lane is on some pimp shit and has a dope beat, aswell as a well done hook to. Not my favorite track on the album or something I would listen to alot, but it does its job perfectly and the women are bound to love this

Life's A Movie is on some outter space type shit, but works very well. The beat is nice and Stik rides the hard kicks extremely well. The production is something new and differnt on this song and continues the solid beats
so far on this album.

Destination Moon has G-Owens featured on it and he does a great job with his singing right here. Once again its a track that both women and men can listen to, its not just a gangster track for the men or just a party track strictly for the women. This isnt my favorite type of song, but I cant front at all on it, Stik shows his versatility so far on this album with a good mix of differnt types of songs for everyone.

Go For Mine is on some real hiphop shit with some scratches, dope lyrics and a beat that you can bump loud as fuck while you smokin and really vibe with it. Stik sounds his best when hes on production like this in my opinion as he really rides this track perfectly.

Starship is some outterspace, experimental type shit and is fantastic. It reminds me of a combination of someold Outkast and Devin The Dude type of shit, but with that bay area swag. Really dope beat that is one of the best ones on the album and will have you putting it on repeat.

Ready To Go is the first (and only) track on the album that im not feeling, there is just to much auto-tune and im not really feelin the beat that much to be honest. Its not a really bad song, its just a little annoying after multiple listens and when compared to the rest of the album, it just doesnt compete with the other slappers.

Swimming In The Sky is some dope shit and had me thinking Husalah from the Mob Figgaz was gonna start spitting at some point. Lasro is on this track aswell and does a awesome job on the hook, with some real smooth shit and
is someone I would like to hear on more hooks, hes got a great voice.

Sweet Hangover is hot as fuck and has a crazy slappin beat that has some great voice samples and could be on a old school soundtrack like Shaft or something like that. This track right here is my shit though, super addicting beat and Stik, 2 Left Feet and Brycen10ial all do a good job on the mic.

Off The Roof is another dope track, the beat is sick and sounds like its got some kind of chinese or japanese samples or instruments in it. Very unique beat right here and is one of my favorite beats on this album if not the best, straight slappin! The chorus is also well done and Stik does a really good job on his raps for this song. Not sure who did the beat for this song, but this is when Stik is at his best in my opinion, over some unique production that he can rip to shreds.

Celebrate features San Jose vet Playa Rae, Jesse L and G-Ownes and is a great way to finish the album off. The production is smooth and very well done, and everyone who grabs the mic does the song justice. The hook is also very dope and once again on some soulful shit.

This is a dope album here from Stik, its got alot of variety and overall has some fantastic production. But dont get it twisted, its not just great beats on here, the rapping from Stik Gilatine and everyone else is very well done and there is honestly only one song that I skip when I listen to this album.

Another good album from San Jose, do yourself a favor and go cop this new Stik Gilatine, The Enemigos and that Teal Town Boyz album. Its time that San Jose got there shine and the props they deserve, there are alot of very talented people in San Jose rap and they seem to not be slowing down at all.

This album right here is very unique and really a breath of fresh air, its good to have some mcs that dont mind doing something new or differnt. As a fan of not just rap music, but Jazz, Blues and Reggae, I can safely say that this album is accesible for everyone. I dont consider this westcoast rap or just rap music, this is music for the whole world to vibe with. For me the highlights of this album are Off The Roof, Celebrate, Aviator Light Speed and Dippen UFO's for me personally.

SCORE = 9/10

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