Monday, December 28, 2009

Smigg Dirtee - Cross Em Out & Put A K

Smigg Dirtee - Cross Em Out & Put A K

Just like the Errelevant free album that dropped, I cant belive this one is not being sold and instead being given away for free download. You know you are doing something right when you drop an album for free and its better then alot of albums that are charging money for.

Smigg Dirtee has always been enjoyable to listen to for me because he has a perfect mix of lyrical skills and that hard gangster raps. Alot of people outside of the westcoast are sleeping on Smigg Dirtee and I honestly have no idea why, he brings alot to the table and has a good variety of songs.

"Bloc Move" starts this off and its a slapper the whole way thru. Hard ass beat that is perfect for Smigg Dirtee to rap on and he doesnt dissapoint. The only thing I would have loved to see on this song would be an appearance from Mitchy Slick, as this sounds like his type of beat. Smig Dirtee spits nothing but Ether on here though and will have your rewinding parts of the song and putting the song on repeat no doubt. His line about him not being hiphop because he didnt like Illmatic is something I can relate to aswell as I thought the cd was amazingly produced but that the lyrics where not up there to be BEST RAP ALBUM OF ALL TIME like we hear so often.

"Did it on the streets" has a good beat which has a dope voice sample on it and some slappin drums aswell. Smigg Dirtee does his thang on the track and also features Mack Twon spittin hood tales aswell. Smigg Dirtee might not be the hardest or most gangster rapper around but dude has bars for days.

"Fuc Them Other Niggas" is dope as fuck and features the underrated IRocc who Smigg Dirtee has always worked very well with in the past on tracks together. The hook is basic but done well, each mc destroys the mic (Nuttz, Smigg, IRocc and Mack Twon) and the beat is on some hard mob/gangster shit and very dope.

"Posse Up Remix" is another awesome track and is on some hard shit with its slappin drums from Vince V. Dope rapping, blappin production and slick hook all add to this track to make it another quality song on this solid album.

"Rep Yo Hood" has Techniec joining up with Smigg Dirtee and is one of the albums best cuts, as each mc ride the beatperfectly and seem right at home doing a track together. Hopefully we hear more from these two together in the future, because this track is dope as fuck!

Stand Tall is another dope track with I-Rocc and once again is a slapper from begining to end. The beat has another dope voice sample in it and some dope horns. The rapping is very good as usual with these two and made me fiend for another colab album from Smigg and I-Rocc, they both just work and sound really well together.

You know how alot of albums start off dope and then slow down towards the end? Not this one, there are some great tracks to start the album off and here at the end there two of my favorite tracks on the album.

"Im A Gangsta" is a straight up classic to me and has Smigg Dirtee speaking from the heard and spitting that gangster shit with some great word play and swag. The hook from Smigg is also very well done and Im feeling the beat aswell right here. Its tracks like this from Smigg Dirtee that really make me appreciate his flow, lyrics and charizma.

Some will disagree with me but "Come Home" is my personal favorite song on the album and that is saying alot as there are a bunch of tracks that I really enjoyed on this one. The lyrics, flow and especially the feeling Smigg Dirtee puts into this song is fantastic. The song is basically Smigg spitting lyrics to his homeboys who are away behind bars and you can really feel what dude is saying, along with a perfect flow on this track. He ends the song with his last verse being to X-Raided who is one of the best to do this from the westcoast and has been locked up for way to long. This is a really heartfelt song that alot of people can relate to and Smigg doesnt hesitate to spill his heart and soul on this song. The hook is also very good to and made me wonder who did it!

In This Life is another track produced by Vince V and has a ridicolously hot beat and maybe the albums best production. The lyrics are some real life shit again from Smigg Dirtee and once again is another enjoyable track and a great way to finish this very solid release!

The only tracks I wasnt really feeling were Tell Yo Bitch 2 Come Here and Rap Sheet. The tracks really are not that bad but when compared to the rest of the top notch tracks, just not as good in my opinion. Also Ridin Out could have been mixed a bit better, its still a dope track, but the mixdown to me doesnt sound as good as on the other songs.

Overall this album is extremely enjoyable, tracks like Im A Gangsta, Come Home, Bloc Move and Fuc Them Other Niggas are great and are songs I will be listening to years down the road. There are really no real bad songs on here, just a few that are not as great as the other tracks.

Do yourself a favor and go download this album and then cop some of Smigg Dirtees other albums, this is a very solid release and for free you really cant go wrong.

[B]SCORE = 8/10[/B]

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