Friday, December 4, 2009

CoopDVill & Presents:Community Service Vol.2

CoopDVill & Presents:Community Service Vol.2 has been the place for fans of westcoast gangster rap for years, with great interviews from Coop, the best bay area messageboard on the net and some solid cd releases of there own.

Community Service Part2 starts off with a bang as Mac Dre and Skiem Hiem slap you across the face with a slappin track called "Good Game".

"Is That You" is up next and has The Jacka, Doja and R.O Reepa rocking the mic over a chill ass beat, with The Jacka rocking the chorus with his laid back entertaining flow.

"Keep Twistin" is probably my favorite track on the album, as Devin The Dude and 12 Gauge Shotie hit us up with a great smoking track. Devin the Dude steals the show as he spits some great lines such as:
"Man its cool to come out to San Diego/I can get use to it cuz man they stay blowed/They got some of the best weed, some of the finest hoes/ Bout to step to one of em and see if she bout it though/But bitches try to pick ya brain before they lick ya thang/Fuck all that smoke some weed and hit the drank, I keep the good killa indeed, you know I got to have weed, my brotha want me to bring back some seeds/He be growin that shit to, but we be tryin to do that shit legally like yall do man/Yall got purple and orange, blueberry and green and some other shit I aint never seen!".

"Juiced Up" has Mistah Fab, Beta Bossalini, Macnificent and Juice Lee on the mic rock a dope beat from Batkave. Its the prince of the bay Mistah Fab who steals the show though over this Batkave slapper.

Nif Nasty and Smac100 show up on "Community Service" and do a good job spittin over a bass heavy beat.

"We Be Functioning" has Bossman Hogg and Marty Macphly spittin game over a more up tempo track and has a down south type of hook on it.

"Model Top" for me is the first skippable track on the album, mainly because of a horrible hook. The rappers do a decent job and the beat isnt the worst ive heard, but could have been better.

Willie Joe, Jesse L and Balance bring straight heat with "Life In Tha Sky", as each mc does a great job on the mic.

Stevie Joe and E-40 rock a great beat from Traxx from the Rich on "Ghetto Meatloaf". This is probably my second favorite track on the album and has been on repeat for awhile now, E-40 and Stevie Joe both do a great job over this slappin ass beat.

I Rocc, Raw Deal, Smigg Dirtee and Big June drop by for "You Got It", which is another great track and another one of my favorites. The beat is hard as fuck and is on some grimey shit, along with a well doen hook. Each mc does a good job on the mic here, as I-Rocc and Smigg Dirtee always sound dope as fuck on a track together and this track doesnt change that. This track is nothing but that gangsta shit and is a track I think Ill be playing for awhile. By the way, can we get another I-Rocc/Smigg Dirtee album some time? Please?

Kuzzo Fly, Keak Da Sneak, The Cor and B-Luv drop some hyphy shit on "Some Otha Shiat", as Keak Da Sneak rocks a dope hook and a good verse. Definatly not my favorite track on the album, but not that bad either.

Livewire member J-Stalin hooks up with Kaz Kyzah from The Team for "Paper Route" and both mcs do a great job spittin fire. The beat could be alot better, but each mc really rips the mic apart and makes up for the average production here.'

Mac & AK along with Macs A Million do a good job on "Shinnin", even with a below average hook. The rapping here is top notch on this track though, and the beat from Waz slap to.

Killa Tay drops in for "Lawz Of Nature" and provides one of the cds best cuts as he spits that real shit that Tay is known for. The beat is on some smooth shit and is perfect for Killa Tays flow and lyrics on here.

is on some mob shit and is another enjoyable track which features a whole gang of mcs on it, including Guce and Baby Bandit.

I could have done without the last two tracks called Hell N A Day and Suppose To Be, but with all the other slappin tracks on here, its hardly an issue.

Overall this is a solid release from and Coop, as DJ Ambidekstres does a good job making the album come together, some good features and some solid beats. Not perfect, but for the most part its worth checking out and pretty enjoyable.

Lawz Of Nature, Keep Twistin, Ghetto Meatloaf and You Got It are my personal favorites on the cd, stop by and pick up a copy. DJ Ambidekstres really has impressed me as of late, he doesnt add a bunch of sounds and crap over every song like alot of Dj's and keeps it basic and slappin.

SCORE = 7/10

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