Saturday, December 5, 2009

Zeno Clash

Zeno Clash

Its rare that we get a videogame as unique as Zeno Clash these days. The art direction is simply amazing and really a thing of beauty. There are so many moments where I would just stare at the game world and the characters and be blown away. Amazing colours, beautiful clay looking buildings, weapons and characters.

The music is also top notch and really adds to the already fantastic atmosphere. Crank up the volume, turn off all the lights and get ready for a freaky ride.

The gameplay is not the best around, but its not that bad either. Its a combination of First Person Fighting and First Person Shooting, mixed with some puzzle elements aswell.

I also liked the voice acting for the most part, as they really add to the freaky atmosphere and the unique game world. I have seen some reviews that say the game has bad voice work but for me it fits this type of game perfectly.

The story here is also good aswell and will keep you wanting to see what comes up next. I dont want to spoil anything for those who have not played the game yet, so I wont talk much about the story, other then its very interesting and well done.

The only negative things in Zeno Clash is its short length and that the gameplay could have been
better. I really cant think of anything else that could be better in this title. The controls are tight, the art direction is top notch, the characters are very interesting and the game world is one of the best ive ever witnessed.

It really is great to see a developer take as many chances and go for as unique a look as Team ACE has with Zeno Clash, instead of going for flashy technical graphics. Zeno Clash is a game that
everyone should try at least once, if only to witness this amazing gameworld and the great effort
done on the art direction. Its not the longest game around, but what is there is simply a thing of
beauty, lets just hope that more people take chances like Ace has in the future, instead of
copying what everyone else does in the videogame world.

If Ace Team can make part 2 longer in length, along with adding some exploration and more interaction with characters I think we could have a masterpeice. This is not only one of the most unique game ive ever played, its also one of the best indie games aswell. If you want to try something new and unique then do yourself a favor and buy this game off of Steam or D2D right away, at its current price its a real steal.

SCORE = 8.5/10

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