Monday, January 18, 2010

The Critic - LOST & UNMIXED

The Critic - LOST & UNMIXED

So much talent right here, The Critic is ridicolously underrated and a beast on the mic. Hailing from San Jose, The Critic has spits for days and days. On this little street album he shows his versatility and talent for those that dont know.

"Fresh" is an addicting song that has The Critic spittin dope lyrics and putting his flawless flow on show. The chorus is well done on this song and the beat, while not amazing, is good enough.

"Do Me" is straight slap and will have you bumpin it as loud as you system will go. A slappin beat with The Critic doing a fantastic job on the lyrics and especailyl the hook, very addicting song that has been on repeat for a minute.

"Good Girl" is my least favorite song on the album but its not a bad song by any means.

"If You Aint Talkin" is hot as a mothafucka, scorchin hot! The beat is nice and The Critic shows that hes got skills galore and one of the westcoast most slept on. Is it just me or does The Critic make near perfect hooks? This track is on some gangsta shit with dope lyrics, a godo hook and a slappin beat, what more do you need?

"On My Shit" is slappin aswell and had me wishing it was a little longer in length. The Critic once again displays his flow, lyrics and confidence on this song.

"So Wit It" has been out for a minute and is still dope as fuck to me. It would be nice to see a video for this song or another one on here. The Critic shows his versatility on this track as he rocks a more radio/club friendly track that works very well. The Critic shows that you dont have to water your shit down to some bullshit to make a good radio/party track.

"Wait A Min" is some hard ass shit that The Critic rips to peices. The beat sounds like some Dr.Dre type of beat and fits Critics raps perfectly. On top of the good lyrics and slappin beat, The Critic once again shows that he can do a great job on hooks. Yet another slappin track on this street album!

"What You Do" is another track more geared towards the radio/club but once again its not some watered down crap, its well made and slappin the whole way thru.

Overall this little street album from The Critic shows that he is one of the most slept on rappers in the game at the moment. He also rocked out on one of my favorite tracks of 2009, So Sweet on the Enemigos cd, showing once again he has tons of talent and potential.

Someone needs to sign The Critic to a deal ASAP, dude can rock a chorus very well, has a great flow and has lyrics for days. Not to mention that hes got a good variety of stuff that he can rock.

I hope 2010 or 2011 brings a full album from The Critic, as this is a very good mc here that seems to have alot to offer this rap game if given the chance. Get some good beats behind him (Indo, Goblin,etc..) and some features (Stik Gilatine, Gangsta Reese and some other San Jose cats) and I think you would have a slappin ass album.

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