Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Krypto and S.B. - Covering Grounds

Westcoast rap fans use to get slappin mob albums all the time it seemed. You could walk into a store and cop the new project from Spice1, RBL Posse, B-Legit or E40 and you didnt even have to worry about is being wack. But lately it seems like you really gotta do your research and what not before you cop an album. Covering Grounds brings back that feeling I would get as a youngster while first listening to albums like Spice1 - 187 He Wrote and E-40 - In A Major Way. Slappin production and raps that where on point for the whole cd, when mob music is done right its some of the best around.

Tell me What You See starts the album off perfectly with the reggae sample (barrington Levvy?), hard drums and S.B.(Baby Coughnut from UNLV) and Krypto doing a great job on the mic. Light up some of your favorite blueberry, kush or what ever you got and enjoy this headknocker. Both mcs do a great job on this track as they sound very confident together, as SB spits with a flawless flow "Growin up I stayed in fights like the UFC/The streets is the octagon now who wanna see me/ I shut the block down so fast, we burn this mothafucka up with propane gas" and "We rock boys like coldplay/I keep a bad bitch ridin shotgun holding my yay".

Come With Us is another great track that also has a video done for it already. Once again its a slapper of a beat and both rappers rep the mic with tons of confidence and chemistry. Some rappers just dont sound right together or sound like they are each rapping on differnt topics, but Krypto and SB really come together nicely with this track.

All I Got On My Mind is one of my favorite tracks on the album and has had me putting it on repeat non stop. You know music is top notch when you get shivers while listening to it, feel good music that makes you feel glad to be alive and enjoying great music. Miles Davis, BB King, Scarface and 2pac (among others) are artists whos music always makes me feel good, and so far SB and Krypto are doing the same thing.

Breaking News is a track about whats going on in the world right now, basically the nightly news but with SB & Krypto speaking on whats going on around the world and in there community. Not the best production on the album but still well done, but its defiantly the lyrics on this song that steal the show.

We Mushh is my favorite song on the album and is an instant classic. The first time I heard this my head was nodding and shaking like crazy. The production is ridicolously hot and these dudes just tear into the mic perfectly. I dont know what there next video will be but this song here would be my pick. The hook is also done very well and will have you rapping along in no time. Did I mention these two sound perfect together??

Most of the songs on this album have both Krypto and SB rocking together but there also are a few solo tracks. On TURN IT UP Krypto does a great job of keeping the flow of the album on course, as he raps over another well made beat.

With Someone Else is a track that I wasnt really feeling the first few times I heard it, but it grew on me after awhile. Most of this album is on some mob shit, but this song is a track that females can really enjoy aswell. Both rappers speak on relationships and women and comes together really well.

This is a track that really anyone who has been in a relationship can relate to. Oleisha Brown sings on the hook and really does a good job. Like I said before, at first I felt like this song was out of place but after more listens I can relate to this track and had me thinking about past relationships, weither it was me messing around on them or being faithful. Instead of feeling out of place, this song just shows the versatility of these two mcs. The beat is also a knocker aswell and perfect for this kind of song.

Trust Me is a ladi back track with the talented, underrated and beautiful Deltrice on the hook. Is it just me or does homegirl have as much talent of say a Mary J Blige? The beat is also very good with some nice kicks and some nice keys being played.

Take Somethin Down is another of my favorite songs on the album and has a down south kind of beat on it that is hard as fuck. The lyrics are more on the club side to go with the beat but its a radio/club track done right. A good hook, a blapper of a beat and the rappers rippin it up without selling out or doing some lame trendy bullshit. Did I mention this album has a good variety of tracks and that the mcs show alot of versatility? If you aint up on SB or Krypto then get on ITUNES and cop this ASAP.

Hard Line has a slappin eastcoast type of beat to it and is a solo song from SB. The hook is addicting as hell and SB shows hes got flows for days on here. As SB spits "I go hard in the paint like Chris Bosh, Transport snow from Toronto" and "Cocksuckers want to rest me, put me in them shackles/ I leave em shook like West Brooks, Im hard to tackle/ Hard to guard like OJ MAYO".

Block Lit is a good way to finish the album as its got a ridicolous beat from Indecent the will shake your house or car if you got a good system. The hook is also dope and as they did for the whole album, SB and Krypto do a great job rapping together.

In all honestly I cant find a bad thing to say about this cd, other then it had to end. If you are fiending for some good westcoast music that is solid the whole way thru then definatly cop this. The bay area/westcoast has started 2010 off very well so far as Covering Grounds joins J.Stalins latest cd as my two favorite cds so far in 2010. I will be listening to this album for years to come and is a great addition to any hiphop fans music collection. With a new E40 double cd and Brotha Lynch's debut on Tech9nes Strange Music, is the westcoast looking to get back on top of the rap game? Lets hope so!

SCORE = 9.5/10

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