Monday, April 5, 2010

Dragon Age: Awakening

Bioware has really been on fire lately. First they drop Dragon Age: Origins which was the best RPG in ages and then they hit us with Mass Effect 2, which was another heater. Now it's time for the first official expansion pack for Dragon Age titled Awakening. If you loved the story, characters, gameplay and detail that Dragon Age: Origins offered, then you will likely enjoy Awakening. It's got more great characters, more weapons/items and of course you get more of the awesome storytelling.

You get your own Keep/Castle to get the Grey Wardens back on track and you have the option to pick people who you want to join up with you. There is also some cool additions to your character upgrades. There are also some new enemies for you to slice up and dispose of. Another high point of Awakenings is the epic soundtrack that fits the ****of the game perfectly. The voice acting for the most part is also very good.

I dont want to spoil the story for you, so let's jsut say that Bioware doesn't dissapoint. You will have some BIG decisions to make here. That's another thing I really enjoy about Bioware games is that you really have a say in how the story and game plays out, instead of just one path and that's it. Do you want to save this city or your keep? Do you want to have this criminal killed or join your team? The choices are your's to make!

I got about 30 hours of gameplay out of this, which is pretty damn good for an expansion pack. A lot of games these days only last ten hours for the whole campaign. Sure, you can run through the game in less time, but if you are like me and enjoy doing more than just the main quest, then this will last you a good while. This is something I never really understood with some people, why rush through a game as fast as possible and miss 75% of what the game has to offer?

I highly reccomend this to people who enjoyed Dragon Age: Origins. As far as expansions packs go, I couldn't ask for anything more! If you didn't like Dragon Age: Origins, then this expansion pack won't change your mind.

SCORE = 9/10

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