Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Infantry Presents Mega Slap Vol3 Hosted by: Roach Gigz

Nobe and The Infantry are back at it again with the 3rd volume of Mega Slap for that ass. This one is hosted by up and coming bay area mc Roach Gigz who has tons of potential with his music.

Overall the mixtape is good and definatly worth checking out. The highlights to me personally are Danked Out - Put It Down, Roach Gigz - Magic Gas, Bueno - Chasin' Me, Eddie Projex - Wrong and Young Rebz - Fly Individual.

Other enjoyable tracks are Outta My Head by Skuba and Erk Tha Jerk, Break A Bitch Off by Young Mix,Dregs One - City Lights, The Katz & Nobe song and G-Mo - Brace Yourself. Another dope song is the World Trade Produced Doing My Thang by Local $tar which has a good beat and overall slappin.

There are not any really bad songs on the album, just some are higher quality then some of the others. The only song that I could do without on here is the song by Kai Straw which just gets a little annoying after awhile, mainly because of the hook.

To be honest I think I'll have Bueno - Chasin me and the Danked Out song on repeat for a good while, both those songs are ridicolously hot. The hook on Chasin' Me is fantastic and the production along with the lyrics are top notch. Danked Out also continues his onslaught of lyrical heat on here as he continues to prove hes one of the most talented up and coming mcs. Bueno and Danked Out both have my attention for future releases, these dudes have been dropping nothing but fire from what ive heard.

Do yourself a favor and go download this free mixtape, you wont be dissapointed. Weither or not you like the music that Inf Gang is doing, you cant deny there hustle and work ethic.

I was going to score this a 7/10 but after listening to it a bunch more times and having Chasin' Me and Put It Down on repeat for the last few days, its up to a 8/10.

SCORE 8/10 for the download

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