Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Moeses Soulright The 2nd/Dj Mark 7 - The Delicatessen

The Delicatessen starts off very well with an enjoyable song "I Know" that showcases Moeses Soulright The 2nd. Alot of soul comes thru on this track and the whole cd in general, as Moeses spits lyrical lines aswell as a good flow to go with a very unique sounding voice and style.

DJ Mark 7 really brings this project together nicely aswell as he lends a helping hand and is a reminder to other DJ's of what a DJ should be doing.

Hood Shit Ya Know is another standout track as Moeses feels right at home over the instrumental, aswell as rocking a great chorus. This song also flows into the next song very well to, which is called Gone With The Wind and has some extremely strong and jazzy production from Has, probably my favorite song on the cd.

As a huge fan of other genres of music and not just hiphop (Jazz, Blues, Reggae), I really enjoy how this project sounds, weither its original beats or just picking some good old school industry beats. You get a real soulful, jazz feel while listening to this here.

Another very good track is All We Do, which features Skee and also has some fantsatic original production, this time the slappin beat is done by Unkle Sam.

Roots Reggae is a mixture of reggae and rap and its done very well, and caused me to pause the cd and roll one up before listening to it further. This song shows Moeses can do not just hiphop, but also add a little bit of other
genres into his music aswell.

Frequencies is another shorter track, as the album keeps moving and flowing together. The average rap fan who wants more of a pop sound or club music might not understand or apprecaite this album, but for me its very unique as its got a little something for everyone and ALOT for people who like some other genres on top of rap music. In a time where rap music features so much copy cat crap, it nice to listen to someone like Moeses Soulright The 2nd who isnt scared to step out of the box a little bit and make world music and not just rap music.

40 OZ Of The Ocean is a feel track that has a real old school feel to it. Smooth track right here that features Skee and Des Real joining Moeses Soulright The 2nd. DJ Mark 7 does his damn thang as he connects this to the next track which has a really slappin beat once again from Unkle Sam. More great rapping, another good original beat, a good hook and DJ Mark 7 on the ones and twos, what more can we ask for?

Cold Pimpin once again has another slap from Has on the boards, which features a good backdrop for Moeses The Soulright to spit his lyrical tales and raps over.

Another personal favorite is The Longeliest as Moeses spits some great lines and is a track that has been played over alot since I got this project. Just another track on here that shows Moeses is extremely consistant and confident with his raps and the songs he is doing.

Get Cha is decent but probably my least favorite track on the mixtape. I wouldnt consider this a bad track, just when compared to the other tracks it doesnt do as much for me, despite a dope hook.

Filmore Nights is another good track as Moeses brings us to some nights in Filmore and is very enoyable. More good tales and raps, along with a well made hook.

Gone is super dope as the soul in Moeses Soulright The 2nds voice really shines over a classic beat, aswell as once again rocking a very good chorus. How many rappers out there these days can rock a song as smooth and soulful as Moeses does right here?.

Dude has his own style and the only rapper I could really compare him to is Charlie Tuna from Jurassic 5, mainly because of the sound of his voice. Although I will say that Moeses Soulright The 2nd has his own way of using
that deep, soulful voice and also seems a bit more versatile.

This cd was good the whole way thru to be completely honest. DJ Mark 7 once again does a great job as one of the best DJ's around and really could teach a bunch of DJ's a thing or two about putting together a project. There is no bullshit screaming, car sirens,etc.. like alot of DJ's use way to much, its just great mixing and doing things the right way. This whole work flows together very well and doesnt get boring or repetitive at all.

I for one will be looking forward to the next work from Moeses Soulright The 2nd, as he really brings a little bit of everything to the table with good lyrics, a flawless flow and one of the better voices on the westcoast at the moment. All of the original production on this peice of work are very well done aswell.

More rappers should call on DJ MARK 7 in my opinion, he has rocked some of my favorite mixes ever and he just knows how to get a project to flow well together. This work here starts off very well and finishes off just as good aswell. Dont sleep on Moeses Soulright The 2nd and DJ Mark7, get yourself a copy!