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Kieslowski is one of my all time favorite directors and Dekalog is a cinema masterpeice.
Its basically 10 short movies (1 hours each), that are loosely based on the 10 Commandements.

Each movie/episode has amazing cinematography and acting, along with a fantastic soundtrack to boot. There is so much more then meets the eye in Dekalog, that even after seeing each one numerous times, there are still things that you will relize and find later on.

None of the films are bad and everyone will have there own favorites, but to me film #1,#6,#2,#4 and #9 would be my personal favorite. Episode #6 is a shorter version of A SHORT STORY ABOUT LOVE, which is by the same director and 2 hours instead of one hour. The other film that has a full length version is A Short Story About Killing, which is fantastic aswell. The films each are named just by numbers and not by a name if you are wondering why im just using the numbers instead of names.

Some of the films here are very powerful and really pull the viewer in. The characters are great, the writing is top notch and the atmopshere the Kieslowski has created is simply amazing. Artur Barcis does a wonderful job as a nameless character who observes some of the main characters are they do things. He plays the role very well as he seems somewhat supernatural as he watched the main characters at key points but never intervenese.

Each film is directed by Kieslowski but he uses a differnt cinematographer for each film, which really adds a unique twist to each one. Stanley Kubrick who is another of my favorite directors once said that Dekalog was one of the most amazing peices of film every made and I definatly have to agree with that.

Some people might find Krystof Kieslowski's work a little boring but to me its a thing of beauty,
if you can find this box set do yourself a favor and get it. Definatly a MUST have for any foreign
movie fan. If you end up really liking Dekalog then please check out The Double Life of Veronique and the Colour Trilogy (Blue, Red and white), which are also classics from Kieslowski.

Weither you enjoy foreign movies or not, Dekalog is something that everyone should watch at least once in there lifetime. Cinema like this doesnt come around very often, maybe once in a lifetime so give this a chance if you see it at a store.

SCORE: 10/10

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