Friday, March 19, 2010

When I first heard of Duna AKA Baby Mac Dre, I thought dude might be biting a little to much, but then I listened to that first cd and there where some fantastic songs. The whole album wasnt perfect and had some annoying songs, but there was also some slappers that showed Duna had alot of talent.

Welcome To Candyland has a crazy cover that some will like and others will laugh at it. But since when should people just buy albums based on the covers? Lets get to the music!

Pimp, Rapper and CEO is slappin and features the great Mac Dre and Tae. Overall its a good song that has been listened to a bunch over the last few weeks over here. So far its a good start to this album, lets just hope the rest of the songs are dope!

Every Day I Go Hard is another good track as Duna rides the beat well and will remind you of Mac Dre at times with his similar flow. The hook is well done and the beat is good enough to go along with Duna doing his thang on the mic.

Black Brown and White is one of my fav tracks on the album as The Boy Boy Young Mess joins Duna and does a great job. The beat is also on some funky shit that im def feeling, its to bad Dre isnt still with us as he would sound GREAT on this beat. So far so good, the album is blappin and seems consistant!

Never Been a Bitch is another solid song with good rapping and a tight beat, but the hook is a little annoying and kind of brings the track down a little. Still good stuff but would have been better if the hook was better.

Go Stupid Go Dummy is ridicolous slap, this song has been on repeat since I got this album. It starts off with vintage B-Legit ripping the dope production apart and has me fiending for a new B-legit album. The hook is dope and also Duna does his thang over the beat aswell, straight crack! Studio Ton did the beat on here and shows that hes still got them dope beats in him!

Whats Haaatinin is another song with Messy Marv and is once again another cool ass track that has another ill beat. I wouldnt mind to hear a Messy And Duna album one day, they sound confident together and fit together on a track nicely.

Come Here Hoe has the legendary Celly Cel and has a crazy ass hot beat from Syko who shows these young producers how to put a dope beat together. Could we get a new Syko album already? Duna does a good job on the beat and makes me wish the whole album was produced by the dude Syko.

Can U Say (Thizz Mix) is another nice beat from the legendary Syko and will have your head rocking back and forth the whole time. Dubee and Mac Mall hop on the track and do a good job, not to mention the hook is tight! Did I mention this beat is crazy? Syko is a mothafuckin fool for this one right here mang!

I Talk Money (Thizz Mix) features San Quinn and T-Pain and is a good song but not as dope as the top notch previous tracks. Still cool stuff and San Quinn rips his verse, but its just not as dope as the other songs and the hook just annoys me to be honest.

Baby What You Sayin? Is a cool laid back track which features Syko and Lil Jim Cole. The beat was done by Bass Head and is cool but its Syko and Duna who rip the track apart and make it enjoyable.

Freakin Day And Night is another excellent beat from Syko, as Duna rides the beat. This track would be a dope song for a music video aswell, I could see it done in Hawaii or Brazil! The hook is also well made aswell!

Thug Relations has a good hook from Rochelle and a good beat but just doesnt do much for me personally. Duna sounds a little out of it or lazy on this track, but its definatly not a horrible or bad song, just the rest of the album set the bar so high. I would like to hear Rochelle on more hooks, homegirl does her damn thing on this one.

Syko once again goes all out on his last beat for the album and its just nuts. The way this dude puts his production together is just un-real at times, fucking genius at work here. Duna also soundsat his best over this beat right here as he spits with confidence:
"I pimp bigger then Jayz and Bun B/Rim hats off to my nigga Pimp C"

Got A Nigga Goin Crazy has a dope hook but im not a big fan of the beat to be completely honest.

Overall this is a dope album with some amazing production on it and is more consistant them Dunas two previous projects. Some say Duna is bitting to hard on Mac Dre and not doing his own style or what ever but I cant speak on any of that. I have no clue if Duna was cool with Mac Dre or if hes biting Dre, its non of my damn business. What I can say though is that this album here is slap, period.

Duna has stepped his rapping game up as of late and its good to see him improving. There was songs on his previous work where his flow or voice was annoying at times but with this album hes def stepped his rapping up.

Do yourself a favor and cop this album is you enjoy dope beats or Dunas previous work. I had my doubts about this album before I heard it, but I was plesantly surprised. Not the best album ever or the best of this year so far, but its worth checking out. Sure Duna sounds like Mac Dre on alot of songs, but the songs are dope and he does a good job rapping, not much more needs to be said. Even if you done like dudes rapping, check out this cd for the beats, there are some crazy slaps.

SCORE = 8.5/10

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  1. shit i posted on the wrong post hahahaa, nice i remember listening to crack baby 1, duna is dope he got flows mac dre would of been proud! V-Town STAND UP!