Sunday, March 14, 2010

Battlefield Bad Company2

Battlefield Bad Company2

Battlefield has been around for many moons on PC and it has always been one of the best online shooters around. While Battlefield 3 is on the way for PC, gamers get another console version of Battlefield with Bad Company 2. Sure it's not as huge or insane as the older PC Battlefield games but it's still a lot of fun to play online with some friends.

To me personally, this game right here is much better than the Call Of Duty games online, and mainly because it's more team oriented and really rewards people who work together instead of acting like Superman and trying to do everything yourself. You can do a lot more than just killing here. If you are like me, then you will be playing Medic or Engineer a lot and helping out your teammates instead of just going for kills. Also, capturing or defending bases is a part of Bad Company 2 as well. Overall the action here is makes it the best online FPS since Team Fortress 2, in my opinion. Great level design, good team-based gameplay, and some of the best sound deign ever in a video game!

Whether you are playing Rush Mode (which is basically an attack and defend mode), or the classic Conquest Mode (in which there's three bases that both teams fight for), you are guarenteed a ton of fun. This game does take a little getting use to though, it's not as easy to pick up and play as say Halo or Call Of Duty, but with a little practise you will get the controls down and be rewarded with some very satisfying gameplay.

The single player is not the best around but then again, this is an online focused game, so the fact that they even did a decent campaign is a nice bonus. You will travel to all different parts of the world in this mission and the play really pulls you in as the sound and graphics are top notch.

I know I said it above, but the sound for this game is really amazing. Bullets whistling by, sirens, tanks; they all sound so realistic you can close your eyes and you're there. Bad Company 2 really has upped the ante as far as sound design, and while it's not an aspect that a lot of people appreciate or notice, it's something that I am just blown away with here.

Bad Company 2 is improved in nearly every way from the first Bad Company and is a must-have for online FPS fiends.
SCORE = 9/10

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