Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Danked Out - The Takeover

Vallejo has a new up and coming MC by the name of Danked Out that has all the potential in the world. Give The Takeover a fair chance and im sure you will think the same by the time the last song id done.

On "Fear Me (100 bar Intro)" things start off with Indecent hitting Danked Out with a slappin ass beat that is put together perfectly with dope drums and the quality sound we have come to expect from Indo. And what about Dank's lyrics you ask? Dude does a lyrical onslaught with a bunch of quotables. This was a great way to start the album off, nothing but heat on the mic, no hook and a slappin westcoast beat, what more do ya need?

Easy is the second track and Danked doesn't dissapoint over production by Blak Ghost. Danked showed on the intro that he doesnt need a hook to rip a track apart, but on this track he shows the other side of that and his talent for rocking an enjoyable chorus. Vintage Danked Out on here as he spits with confidence and delivery that will have you swearing he a vet in this rap game.

Ain't No Tellin is more relaxed and laid back but still has a crackin beat done by then talented youngster Tony Lo. KOB and J. Minixx join the track and both do a nice job. Tony Lo on the beat stole the show though, with a chill westcoast beat that will have your head nodding the whole time. KOD and Danked Out also sound very good together on a track, looking forward to hearing more.

Tear It Up has an up tempo feel to it that I could hear on the radio or in the club. Don't get it twisted though, Danked Out comes off fresh to death on the track and doesnt water down his flow or lyrics to do this type of track. Grab some whiskey, Gin or what ever you sip on and turn the volume up on this and it will have you giggin' like Mac Dre was still alive. Jon Jon continues the great production that this album has as well, with a nicely done party beat. YEEEE!

Beast and a Monsta features another up and coming lyrical powerhouse, San Jose beast Stik Gilatine. These two dudes right here show that the westcoast and bay area are in godo hands in the future, nothing but high quality shit from both these dudes every time I hear em. Can we get a colab album from these two in the future? Blappin beat and two dude who know how to put the pen to that pad and drop lyrics for days. This song has tons of great lines that I could write here but here is one from Stik that picked: "These boys aint lyrically fit man, step up get stuck, yea drivin the quick sand/my city is leanign on my yea call me the kick stand"

"Do It Like This" is one of my favorite songs on the album as it has one of the best beats on the album that is done by the underrated Tekilla. Put this track on a nice system and pump the volume way up to fully appreciate it. Both Danked Out and especially Pody Mouf rip the beat to shreds like they
are sharks in the water following that blood. Is it just me or is Pody Mouf another extremely talented up and comer on the west? Dude drops some club shit, some gangster shit and also some lyrical stuff to. Definatly hope to hear more tracks from Danked and Pody together, both talented and seem on a mission to drop nothing but quality work.

Put It Down is yet another track that I can't stop bumping lately. Ive had this track for awhile now and it seems to always get played on the nice days when the sun is out so far this summer. Looe on the beat and Danked spittin fire, can't ask for much more! The quality of the recording shines on this track to and is dope the whole way thru! Yet another heater on Take Out! No features on this one, its just Danked Out doin his thang over a bangin slap.

Wuts Good is the only track that im not feeling on this album myself personally. Its not that the song is horrible or badly made, its just that it feels out of place on this album to me. Most of the other tracks go together well and feel like they are part of something, but this song feels like it was just tossed in there. On its own as a single I might enjoy it more, but in the middle of this album it just didnt work for me. The beat from Looe is another slap, the rest of it just aint slappin to me to be honest.

On Some Other shit to me is a soon to be classic, crazy ass beat from Scandal and so many quotables from Danked and Krypto. Indo does his usual dope hook on this song and it works very well in between these two setting the mic on fire. I already reviewed this track awhile back so I wont go doing a bunch of the same quotes or new ones, just listen to the song and enjoy hit. You know when Krypto, Indecent and Danked come together its gonna be quality and this is no differnt. One of my personal fav songs on this album and the whole bay this year, everyone came off correct no doubt.

Fire is on some lyrical flexing for Danked Out and is just him spittin crazy lines for the whole track. Scandal does another good beat, though not as nice as "On Some Other Shit", its still well made.

Goin' Gone is decent but compared to some of the other excellent tracks on this album it just can't compete. The production is fine and nothing really wrong with the lyrics, it just didn't do much for me or make me want to repeat the song like alot of the others on this album have.

Dank is another track that I was feeling alot. Danked Out lets yall know just who the fuck he is, rapping over another quality beat from Looe. He sound so hungry on this track, like he ain't ate in days and hes rappin to eat. Grab ya grapes, role that shit up and bump this Dank tracked from the playa known as Danked Out.

Wut U Talkin is another of the top songs on this album, which features great production from ERG. Krypto steals the show on this track with some slick lines and that ill flow we come to expect from the big dog. Beat wise, its yet another mothafuckin slap that Danked picked up.

No Problems with Tradgedy is dope as fuck to, with a well made hook and Looe dropping maybe his best beat on the album. Danked does a great job on tracks like this that have a really well made hook and a slappin beat. You will find yourself singing along to the hook and your head bobbing the whole way. Not much more to say other then, THIS SHIT SLAP and YOU DONT WAN'T NO PROBLEMS! This track should get a video for ya ASAP!

Generation X is a crazy lyrical slaughterhouse with some of the best up and coming westcoast mcs. Tracks with these man people usually dont work out and have atleast a few rappers who dont represent as hard as others. With this shit here though EVERYONE does a sick job spittin that swine flu.
Already did a review for this song awhile ago, so Ill jsut say this.. You wack rappers that ain't bringing dope music to the table better watch out, these dudes are: 1. Hungry 2. extremely talented 3. they have lyrics for days. I really hope that we get an album from these dudes together, this would
be the westcoast version of Slaughterhouse, except with many more. Its so hard to pick who did the best job on this song, one time it will be one and then the next listen it will be someone else.

I Get It is one of the best beats on the album, as Looe drops a classic westcoast riding beat. Danked Out is the best over these kind of hard ass mobb type of beats, he just rides that shit perfectly. Some songs are dope, but you dont feel like bumpin em over and over, but this track is addicting as hell. I can't say enough about the beat on this one to, slaptastic! On top of it all, Indecent grabs the mic and reps for producers who can rap on the mic, as he does his thang.

Show U Where Its At is another heater from Tekilla that Danked sounds right at home on. Lots of quotables on this song: "I stay loaded like the bases on a grand slam" is one of em. This track could also have radio or tv potential to, lets see how things go.

100 Bars is just Danked Out going in hard as a mothafucka over another ill beat from Tony Lo. Just bar after bar from Danked over a dope beat, the fuck else you need? Yes its another slick song that ends the album very well.

Overall this is a very good album from Danked Out, its got well made beats, some fantastic features and showcases a hungry, talented and confident mc in Danked Out. Its really hard to belive that this dude is just starting off in this rap shit, hes got his flow down perfectly and sounds like hes been
doing this for years already.

With someone like Indecent behind him and helping out, its only going to get better in the future. Keep an eye on this dude Danked Out, as well as the rappers on Generation X, this is dope music with good beats and new aged lyrical fitness. Definatly looking foward to seeing a few videos for this and Danked Out's next project.

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