Thursday, July 22, 2010

$hots - $hots Is Here Get It Clear!

$hots is an up and coming bay area rapper that has a bucket full of talent to offer this rap game. Sometimes its hard for new rappers to get on and in the thick of things, even with alot of talent, but $hots looks like hes well on his way to making an impact on this westcoast rap game.

The first time I heard of $hots was on a freestyle video I think, and dude was rippin it up with tons of confidence and energy.

Things start off well with King Flow, as $hots shows his excellent flow and some good lyrics. Alot of rappers seem to be struggling or fighting there flow as they spit but $hots flow sounds very natural, like it comes easy and he aint forcing things.

We Here is more of a fast paced song and while not bad is a step down from the previous song and the next one.

No Brakes is slick as a mothafucka as $hots rides the beat extremely well. With more of a down south type of sound to it, $hots shows that he can do numerous styles of songs that people from every coast or region can enjoy.

Friend Role is my least favorite song on the album as $hots rocks the auto tune the whole time and im not feeling it at all. I dont mind Auto tune for a hook here and there, but when its used the whole song it honestly gives me a headache.

2010 Till is a knock no doubt as $hots does his thang over the classic SOuls Of Mischief beat from way back. Dope lyrics on here and his addicting flow are showcased on one of the albums top songs.

No Seatbelt is another enjoyable track that once again shows $hots versatility on the mic, charizma and swag aswell.

Money Money and I win are not bad songs but are not songs Ill be playing much or ever again. Just not that interesting to me for what ever reason.

Right Now is dope as fuck and gets things back on track after a few average songs. Showcasing his flow and lyrics again on here as he spits hood shit with convidence and personality.

Go Thru it is more of a deep track and it works wonderfully. I would like to hear more of these kind of songs from $hots, he rocks em very well. This track will be on repeat for the next while no doubt.

5 Star is a club slapper that homeboy sounds very confident on and would sound good in the club or in your ride on a sunny day while puffin on some grapes.

My Damn Self is a tight track but the quality doesnt sound right. The recording, the mixing, etc... just doesnt sound right. If more work was put into making this sound as good as most of the other songs it would be another ill track no doubt.

Dope n Guns has a dope chorus and dope lyrics aswell. $hots sounds slick when hes rockin storytelling shit like this and over beats like this.

Audio Crack is another one of the albums best songs as $hots spits that crack thru the mic and will have you pressing repeat numerous times. Is it just me or would J Stalin and Clyde Carson sound dope on this track with $hots? Had to cut up some Jack Hair bud after hearing this one.

Memory Bank got some excellent lyrics but is somewhat pulled down a bit with a wack hook. But overall its an enjoyable song and has $hots painting a picture with his tales on here.

Toe Up is on some Mac Dre party type shit that I was feeling as well. The lyrics are nothing that will blow you away but its a good track to bump before you hit up the club or smash on a breeezy.

Most of the beats are industry rap beats like alot of mixtapes but there are 4 tracks with original beats. Dex Beats really did a good job on Toe Up track, with some very good production, the other original beats are good but this one was the highlight for me.

Overall this was a good project from $hots and will have me interested in hearing more from the up and coming mc in the future. Keep your ear to the streets and remember the name dude has a bright future ahead of him. With some good production behind him from maybe Sean T, Indecent, Cozmo or other bay area producers, $hots could really be a force in years to come.

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