Saturday, July 24, 2010

Generation X - Danked Out, Pody Mouf, AG Cubano, Shill Macc, Ice Meez and Roach Gigz

Generation X - Danked Out, Pody Mouf, AG Cubano, Shill Macc, Ice Meez and Roach Gigz

For awhile there I was begining to think the Bay Area rap scene didnt have a ton of young talent like it has in the past. But with the rise of Livewire and all the quality stuff they put out, times have changed.

Danked Out has been impressing me since I first heard his music. Dude sounds so confident on the mic and sure of himself, that its hard to belive hes just started rapping the last year or so.

This Generation X track is crazy, the beat is hard as a mothafucka and each of the mc's do a great job at spittin crack on the mic. Its one of those posse tracks that is near perfection, its extremely hard to single out one mc that did the best job.

It seems like everytime I hear this track I am feeling one rappers verse the most, then the next time its someone else. How often do we get a posse track like this where EVERYONE on it spits fire? Usually you get a few dope verses then a bunch of crap and then some average spits, but this is all fire, the whole song.

I am hoping we get a GENERATION X album, each of these dudes got bars for days and shows that the bay area has young talent on the come up that is going to rep the bay are and the westcoast well.

I could go on and on about each verse and post quotables from each dude, but that would make this review a few pages long. Tons of dope lyrics, alot of swag, a slappin beat, mixed very well and overall just a fantastic track!

If this group of mc's ever come out with an EP or LP together you better cop it, these guys have tons of talent and this song is one of my favorites of 2010 no doubt. If there is a complaint its that the song had to end and that I would have liked to see Nio Tha Gift and Stik Gilatine on the track but thats just me.

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