Wednesday, August 18, 2010

S.B. (Aka Baby Cougnut) - Bang 200

S.B. (Aka Baby Cougnut) - Bang 200

Kev Knocks and S.B. join forces for this track right here and its pretty much perfect. The beat will have you humming and nodding your head non-stop, while S.B. spits heart felt lyrics and that flow we have come to enjoy for years now.

How can people not love a song like this? It's got fantastic lyrics and a beat that not only knocks hard but is very creative and well put together for the whole song. More rappers need to call on Kev Knocks for production, dude is amazing.

The hook is also very dope to and will have you rapping that shit over and over once the track is done. Is it just me or should SB do a book for rappers about how to do a hook? Alot of times I'll be enjoying a track until the hook comes on and then its like "WTF was this dude thinking with the hook?". SB keeps it simply but to the point and his hooks seem to add to the track, not take away from it. There are alot of quotables in this track, so I'm gonna just say that lyrically SB is at the top of his game instead of listing a whole page worth of good lines.

The sound quality is also extremely high quality on this track and I hope that they rest of S.B.'s upcoming album is of the same quality. I really liked SB's last album with Krypto and his last solo album was good, but could have been better. This track right here is something anyone can bump and relate to as well, this is some world wide music right here.

If they rest of the upcoming record is as good as this song then we might just have SB's finest work to date. Its hard to top a classic album like the UNLV one him and Baldhead Rick did years back, but this song right hear is just as good. SB and Kev Knocks really show some great chemistry with this one and already have me fiending for more songs from these two.

Do yourself a favor and get a hold of this track and bang this shit all summer, its been on repeat since I got it and im sure ill have it playing the rest of the summer. Also if you have not checked that Krypto and S.B. album called Covering Ground, go check it out in stores or on Itunes.

This is when rap music is at its best, real life tales on the mic, told with some meaning and a beat that has some real soul to it.

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