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Mac & AK - Legendary

Mac & AK - Legendary Review

Mac And AK both have been doing this for many moons, if you enjoy westcoast rap
music during the 90's you  must have heard of these boys and they classic which was titled "Westbound (For Riders Only). They caught the eye of Tommyboy Records and got signed.

That didn't work out all that well though as they realized they were better off on there own and have
since put out two more albums. Legendary is the 3rd release from Mac and AK if Im not mistaken and this is arguably there best album, from a production and rapping perspective.

Legendary starts off with a bang with the title song and Do that, which both feature fantastic production and rapping that will bring you back to the 90s. In all honesty it feels to me like I am back in the 90s, rockin to some RBL Posse or Above the Law when listening to this album, pure dope mobb music.

One thing I wanted to mention before getting to the other tracks, is that the productino on this whole album is top notch. Mac P handles the beats and he does not dissapoint as the beats really set the tone and are dope the whole way through the album as Mac P uses a nice mixture of slappin drums, keys and live instruments to create a unique sound that does bring back tha tfeel of the 90s westcoast rap music.

Think of a mix between EA Ski and E-40s early production. Another thing is that the album is mixed and mastered very well, alot of underground albums that dont have help of a label seem to sometimes have crap mixign or mastering, this has great beats and mixing the whole

You can also tell that these vets have been around for a hot minute as they rap extremely well
and feel right at home over this type of production. Do yourself a favor, sit back with some godo kush or a beer and let this music marinate. We need more westcoast music like this in my opinion, dope lyrics with sick production, Mac and AK bring it on Legendary not much more to say.

Grind Time and Who Dat are two more songs that highlight the middle of the album as Mac n Ak both flow perfect and had me pressing repeat on these two to bump again. Both rappers sem very confident as they kick laid back rhymes effortlessly.

If you are looking for old school style mob music then do yourself a favor and cop this, during a time when the hyphy bandwagon had started, these two just stayed true to what they do well and it worked out very well on this album. It is 100% a mob album that you might think came out in the mid 90s, wonderful job by Mac and AK to give us that real mob music that we been missing for many a years.

Dope Boyz has a dope ass bassline and definatly has a very old school feel to it and Come On In is about the closest you will get to a party or dance track, but it works very well over a slick beat and dope rapping. These types of tracks can work if done right like

Keep it Gully is one of my fav albums on the album with a hard ass beat and the rapping is perfect, almost sounds like this beat could have been a song on an old album from E-40 and The Click, has that real mobb feel to it, love it.

California has a real nice summertime vibe to it, would be perfect for a video in cali during the summer time.

We Got Swagger is really the only song I didn't put on repeat, its not horrible but its not as good as the other fantastic songs on this album. East Meets West and Where U From both are slappin and finish off the album well, with more of that mob shit that you know I love.

In a time when rappers are looking to put out radio tracks and wear skinny jeans instead of make great music, this is a breath of fresh air. Especially with all the wonderful prodction and the overall mob feel the album has on both the beats and the rapping. Some might think the subject matter is weak or nothing special, but this is really taking back to a time when westcoast music felt REAL and Authentic, had this album on repeat for awhile now, I been missing that Mobb music!

Do yaself a favor and cop this album, has extremely underrated production, mixing and mastering and the rapping is that feel good westcoast mobb music.

SCORE: 9/10

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