Friday, September 28, 2012

Covering Grounds 2

S.B. & Krypto - Covering Grounds 2

The first Covering Grounds cd was one of the most underrated westcoast albums in a few years. It had some good beats but was carried by S.B. and Krypto's rapping, this time around the beats are even better and the two bay area rappers once again bring they A game.

The One's featuring newcomer Axion Jaxion is a great way to start the album off as Kryp and SB tear the mic apart over a fantastic beat. Krypto rides the beat perfectly on his verse and on the hook and the same goes for SB and Axion. Keep an eye and ear out for this dude Axion Jaxion, he has a ton of talent and has not been on a bad track yet.

Truth Is has one of 2012's most impressive beats on it, which comes courtesy of Freddy Machete. The eiry voice samples and the drums are a perfect backdrop for Krypto, SB and Axion Jaxion on this one. If you ain't heard many of Freddy Machete beats yet, do yourself a favor and get up on game, dude is a beast, this beat sings to me and has been on repeat this I got this album, not much else to say other then STRAIGHT SLAP, awesome track. Krypto stole the show on this track fosho.

Heavy Metal is on some hard ass shit that will have you wanting to knock a mothafuck out with Axion Jaxion doing a great hook that is on some down south/David Banner or Lil John type and fits the vibe of the beat perfectly. Lots of energy from every rapper on this track here as they spit raps over a fantastic high energy beat. The youngster Axion Jaxion stole the show on this track, from the hook to his verse, nothing but heat!

Dola is a more laid back chill track, especially compared to the previous tracks on the album and features the mainstream worthy Los Rakas and has a dope relaxed feel to it. Production is on point again with this beat as westcoast don Mitchy Slick joins the party and drops a ridicolous verse and remids me why he is one of my favorite rappers on the west.

Once again this is another track that has a dope hook that is not annoying and that doesnt take away from the song, Los Rakas killed it. Is it just me or is it just a matter of time before Los Rakas blow the fuck up? They have mainstream appeal without doing some corny bullshit, let this be a lesson to mothafuckas, you aint gotta dumb down your shit to appeal to a wider fanbase!

They Can't see Us is another high energy track that has a beat with a more eastcoast feel to it. SB starts things off with his street poetry an kills it
with dope lines and his usual flawless flow. Yet again another dope ass hook, I cant remember the last time an album had so many hooks that where enjoyable instead of being a pain in the ass or extremely annoying, it might not soudn like much to some, but generic and piss poor hooks can ruin some tracks, not the case on this shit. Axion Jaxion and SB steal the show on this track over yet another dope ass beat.

Ampachino joins the crew on Life Of Block Baby, which is a mobb/gangster track that is one of my favorites on the whole album. Alot of rappers have some nice features but they don't give them a good beat to rock or the mixing sucks,etc.. but with this track they picked a PERFECT beat for Ampachino to jump on, as he sounds right at home, as if it was one of his solo albums. SB and Amp together? Super dope track and makes me wish for a SB/Amp colab album. It's not my favorite beat on the album but as I said above it fits Ampahinos style perfectly.

Greenlight is another one of my favorite songs and beats on the whole album. It's one of those rare tracks that is dope as fuck that you could also play at a party for the ladies on the dancefloor, that won't
send the men wanting to close there ears. The beat is super slapping, the hook is ill and all the rappers kill it. Just goes to show you don't have to dumb ya shit down like crazy to make an accesible track. The young and talented Danked Out joins the crew for this track and does not dissapoint, killin it as usual. This track has me putting it on repeat non-stop, reminds me somewhat of WE MUSSSH which was a similar track that was on the first Covering Grounds, addicting track!

Peice Of Cake is another mobb track that slaps and Sacred Soldiers is a group track that is very enjoyable aswell (both with dope beats again).

The only track that feels out of place to me is Silly Games, its far from a bad track, just not as enjoyable to me as the other tracks on the album.

Thanksgiving is a dope track that has a oriental feel to it and Krypto steals the show on this track over a crazy beat. The production on this track made me want to jump on the MPC with a few oriental samples loaded up, dope shit.

Excuse My French is a perfect way to finish the album, as the beat is intoxicating and SB and Krypto kill the mic like you know they are capable of. Another track that does everything very well, which is a recurring theme on this album.

Overall its a very well made album with extremely high quality mixing, production, hooks and rapping. No realy bad tracks on the whole album, some better than others but overall this is one of the years most consistent albums from a rapping and production aspect. If you enjoyed the first Covering Grounds album you will LOVE this one, its got better production and of course dope rapping from Krypto and SB.

Sacred has dropped some of the best albums of 2012 with Danked Out's underrated latest album and now this Covering Grounds 2 with S.B. and Krypto. This is independent hiphop at its best right here, good beats and good rapping, along with well done mixing and mastering, take notes up and coming labels.

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