Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Krypto - It's My Turn

Sacred Muzik seems to be on the right track here with Krypto, SB and Danked Out all extremely talented and hungry. This is that mobb/gangster music you been missing in your life, good beats and good lyrics.

Nuthin At All showcases Krypto's signature voice and flow over an industry beat, that he rips to shreds. Is it just me or does Krypto have one of the best voices on the westcoast? At times his voice sometimes reminds me of San Quinn, when he raps you listen.

So Clean is more laid back but dope as fuck all the same. Krypto spitting some story telling type shit as he shows his versatility. Not many rappers that can do gangster music, lyrical music and then some party shit.

Sacred is alive is another dope track that has Krypto letting yall know that Sacred Muzik is here to stay, Krypto's flow is fantastic on this track right here. Krypto talks on haters, his family and much more on this track.

Down The Drain is more of a deep track were Krypto doing his storytelling thang again speaking on letting someone you love go. Raka Rich from Los Rakas also does his thang on this song aswell, showing Los Rakas gonan be a force in the future. The beat also is dope on this track to, laid back but slappin! Krypto does a nice job on the hook to.

Bye The Night is another of my favorite songs on the album as it features Goldie Gold from
The Federation and S.B. dropping by to lend a helping hand over a slappin ass beat.
Krypto comes dope again on the mic as does Goldie Gold and SB, to me this track
is nearly perfect, dope ass beat, great hook and the rappers all did a great job.

The Real Krypto is basically Krypto spitting game over a slapper from Sean T,
donno what else you can ask for really? Straight slapper not much more to say.

Get Even(Not Mad) is another good song, that has Krypto at his best over a reall
sick beat by Kamilson, but the hook brings the track down a little bit for me personally.
There is nothign really wrong with it, just personally not feeling it all that much.

Act Bad is really the only track that I skip on this album right here, and its not even a really bad song it just cant stack up to the other songs that this project delivers. Usually I can say the beat bothers me or the rapping or hook sucks but for this one I really dont have a reason, just dont like it as much as the others.

Operate is that hustler music, with a killer beat from Tony Toons&Craftworks. If you are out there hustling and doing yout thang no matter what it is, you'll enjoy this track, you out there grinding? Put this in ya ride after a long day, light up some Kush and youll feel right at home.

Hot as Hell finishes Its My Turn off very well as Krypto is joined by AP.9. The production on this track here is perfect to me, Krypto sounds dope as fuck over these kinds of beats (sort of reminds me of To The Moon in some ways). Anyways, this track straight slap and is another one of my favorites on here, Krypto and Ap9 both sound great over these kinds of emotional relaxing slaps.

Sacred Muzik looks to be here to stay for the long haul. Krypto drops a mixtape here that is better then most rappers full albums. You also have S.B. sounding the best he's sounded in his whole career and as hungry as ever. Then you have the youngster Danked Out, how magazines or websites can not have this dude on there UPCOMING RAPPERS lists is beyond me.

Looking forward to more from Sacred Muzik as they have a very nice lineup of mc's and so far the video work they have done has been top notch to. Oh yeah and this is a free album so go download it right now, this is a taste of whats to come in the future for Sacred. Already looking forward to Krypto's upcoming album, along with Danked Out, SB solos and a new colab album from SB and Krypto called Covering Grounds 2 (The first one is fantastic, go cop if you havn't yet, WE MUSH is still on repeat here).

SCORE: 8.5/10

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