Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Indecent The Slapmaster Presents: Agerman - The Streets Made Me Do It

Bay Area vet Agerman is back at it again in 2011 with The Streets Made Me Do It. Every beat except one (Survivor is a co production from the underrated Kev Knocks and Indo) on this album is produced by Indecent The Slapmaster and as usual he doesn't dissapoint. Whether its slappin drums or Indo letting lose on the keys, if you love good production you will not find a bad beat on this whole album.

The album starts off with I Go Hard and features Agerman sounding like his old days with 3X Krazy, nothing but heat. Not only is the rapping top notch and a blast from the past but the beat knocks very hard to.

The second track which is titled "The Boss" and is even better then the first track, with Indecent cooking up a dope beat that Agerman really seems to feed off of. Alot of quotables on this song here, just crank up the volume, spark up some of that sticky and get ready for your head to start nodding. This is one track that I am sure I will have on repeat for many moons.

Pro features Lady E and Marcellous Carter and has one of my fav beats on this album. The Synth or what ever it is that Indo brings in over these drums is dope as fuck. You know a beat is dope when you waiting for a section of it to come back. I'm not usually a fan of many female rappers (Marvellous, lady Of Rage,etc.. I enjoy of course), but Lady E does her thang on this one.

Lights Out is that Mobb shit with some fast paced drums, another one of my favorite beats on the album. Not only one of my favorite songs on this album but one of the best tracks of 2011 so far. Agerman seems to really enjoy rapping on this beat here from The Slap Master, you know what to do, but this bitch on repeat. This is a hard ass song right here, Agerman rapping with tons of effort and confidence the whole song.

Just Livin is a differnt style of beat then the previous ones on here and really shows Indo's versatility as a producer on this one here. The hook is also very well done and rapping does not dissapoint. KOB and Dre Green do they thang on here as they stop by the jump on the track with Agerman and Indo.

Shining is a more uptempo beat with more of a party feel to it. Once again just adds to the variety that this album has from a production standpoint. Legend Young Dru hops on this song, as does KOB again. The chorus on this song is catchy as a mothafucka, will have you busting that shit up as you roll up some Kush.

Only One is a more laid backa nd deep song, showing that Agerman can do all styles and kinds of songs. The beat that Indo lays down for this one fits perfectly with Agermans flow on this one. Soulful fucking track this one right here, another good hook, which might not sound like much, but sometimes them horrible hooks can ruin a song. Marcellous doing a hell of a job again helping out on this one to.

Surviver is a track that feautres Indo on the hook and a very well done beat with some great piano/keyboard and drums from Indecent and Kev Knocks (if you are not up on game with Kev Knocks then do some homework, this dude is one of the most talented producers out there). Usually I dont like Auto-Tune in songs, but Indo does his thang on the hook here and the auto tune does not take anything away from the song at all.

Girlfriend is probably my least favorite song on this project, but its still a very good beat with some dope ass bass that kind of reminds me of a DJ Quick type of beat that is cooked up by Chef Slapmaster.

The Game Is Made To Lose is the last song on the album and its another blap. Starts off with a sample from Boyz N the Hood I think and Agerman spits some of his best lyrics over another ill beat. Great way to finish the album with this song, straight slap! You can really feel the emotion that Agerman is spitting with not only on this last track but the whole album.

Overall this is one of the better albums released so far in 2011 and a must buy for Bay Area rap fans. Go Support Agerman and hard working producer Indecent and buy this album when it drops this month. These two have put in some great work on this one here and there really is no bad songs or beats, got some mobb songs, some party songs and some deep/soulful stuff to, alot of variety and also the quality is top notch as far as mixing and mastering goes.

Agerman showing fans that hes still got alot left in the tank and Indecent showing everyone why he is one of the hardest working producers on the westcoast. Some colab's like this between producers and rappers dont go that well, but the styles these two bring to the table work very good. Age painted alot of great pictures here on this album to go along with the thunderous, slapping production from Indecent. If you are fiending for some of that 3X Krazy Agerman or an album full of dope production then cop this album the day it drops in stores or Itunes.

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