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Known Associates Vol.3 Review


The holidays are on the way and while you are out getting gifts for family and loved ones, you should get yourself a little something and cop this project here. If you are a old school westcoast/bay area fan who loved that Mob music from the 90's, you will feel right at home with both these discs from Bay Area vets Apt.3.

Disc one is my favorite of the two and thats what I will speak on first here for the review. First off the main thing about this disc right here is the production from Mob vet TC is amazing and as close to perfection as you can get for a Mobb album. There is not one bad beat on this whole first disc, which is 18 songs. The whole feel of the first disc is extremely well done and if you are a fan of mobb beats or just hiphop beats in general then you MUST check this out, TV out did himself on this shit here.

On "Sav Pt.2" SB of UNLV and RJ Boone spit over one of the best beats ive heard in a long time and drop that hard gangsta shit with flows that fit the production perfect. There are tons of quotables on this one here and neither rapper dissapoints, as SB spits his usual addicting flow and RJ Boone steps his game up with heat that could earn him some more followers. On top of the hot beat and the rappers bringing there A game, Levitti brings the track together nicely with a dope hook. If you love mobb music like I do then this song will probably be on repeat for awhile.

Next up is Cyanide and is another beat that will have you turning the volume up and reaching for that kush to roll up. You enjoyed the last beat alot? Didnt think this beat would be as dope did ya? Get use to that because like I said above, this whole disc is pretty much flawless in production. A slappin beat is ncie and all but what if the rappin is wack? Well Tony Francis of The Young D Boyz fits the beat perfect to and doesnt dissapoint

Illmannered Riders is one of my fav tracks on these two discs, C-Fresh just murders the mic and its another dope beat that is vintage mobb shit. Brotha Lynch sounds right at home over this type of beat and the great Cougnut(rip) blessing us with his energy and classic voice. What we have hear is a song that any rapper wanting to make mobb music should have to listen to. In a time when mobb music doesnt come out much, this is a breath of fresh air. Bump this track as loud as your system can go, sit back and smoke a fatty, fucking awesome song this one.

Revenge Is Easy features SB of UNLV again, as hes joined by Shag Nasty and Equipto. Another hard ass beat from TC and that nice lookign lineup each hold there own. SB sounds so at home over TC beats, would love to hear a SB album produced by just TC and Kev Knocks.

The Wicked Shit is one of my personal favorite beats on these discs, the drums, keys and just everything is done so well that I could honestly just listen to this beat alone and be good. With that said, Mad Insanity(Mars and J-Rz) and Triple6(SOS and ADR Levey) bring tons of energy and continue the streak of the rappers doing TC's amazing production justice and being part of a masterpeice. I am not a huge fan of Horrorcore rap, but definatly respect it, Mars music steady impressing me.

Fly Mar drops another highlight on the album with IM BACK AT IT (BALLIN NOW PART2). Hood tales, mobb adventures, A great hook and some great production from TC. Yes, yet another hot track, im tellin you, this whole first disc is fantastic.

They Fucked Up is another one of my top favorites on this cd as Og's Ad Kapone, SB and Tayday join forces and rep hard over another blappin beat from that dude TC. SB is crazy consistent, dope verse after dope verse dude been on a role lately. 3 of my all time favorite groups are represented on this song and it doesn't dissapoint like alot of songs with dope features do.

Roastin Pigs is a hard fucking a song, thats all I am gonna say here. Once again its Mars, SOS and ADR LaVey bustin violent raps over a murderous TC beat. This would be perfect on a horror or gangster movie this track here. Alot of variety as you have mobb legends and horrorcore heavyweights thru the first disc.

Gangsta Matic 2 is a more up tempo track, especailyl comapred to most of the other beats on this album, but its once again done very well. Hugh EMC was a perfect pick for this beat to, you know when an actor gets picked for a movie and its just a perfect cast? Well thats the same here, Hugh EMC does a great job with his signature style and rapping. Hugh EMC got an album in the works that I dont know about? Sure hope so.

You Better Belive is back on that mobb shit with SB and Baldhead Rick (UNLV) Dirty Work and Cellski, and its more of that mobb music. I could listen to UNLV spitting over TC beats all day, yet another dope song on disc #1.

"With some red Bull!" haha, this Highspeed track is the shit. Taydatay of 11/5 and Rappin 4 Tay take us on a ride that you swear brought you back in time. Vintage 11/5 and Rappin 4 Tay, rocking another ill beat from that dude TC. My head nods like a mothafucka when I hear this song here, the hook isn't annoying, the mcs are great and the beat slap.

SOS of Triple 6 rocks this track on his own and does a great job, another one of my favorite songs. Epic beat from TC and SOS gets an A+ for his flow and lyrics on this one, why cant we have more mobb songs like this shit here? Straight knockin the whole damn song you beeezy.

4151 OG's is up there with my other favorites, as Spice1, SB and Baldhead Rick drop a straight westcoast anthem, can we get a video for this song? I could see a dope video on this song here around the bay area. Is it a surprise that another one of my fav songs has a TC beat and SB on it? Does it get much better then those two? Add Baldhead Rich and one of my favorite rappers ever Spice1 and damn you got a dope fucking song. Can we get TC to produce something on that new Spice1 album? Please?

Paint The Town Red seems to be put on repeat often lately to, as Mr. Kee, Da Robba and SB all do a good job on this song, I cant really pick one rapper that did the best to be honest. The hook is nice and TC continues his A game with nothing but great beats.

The Grand Finale is over 9minutes long and its dope shit, lots of dope rappers on here like Cougnut, Dubee, Miami The Most, A-Wax, Woodie and many more. If you got a 9minute song you better have a great fucking beat
or im a turn that shit off with the quickness but as he did for this whole disc #1, its another slappin beat.

Overall Disc #1 is as close to a perfect Mobb album that you will get these days and it stacks up very well with old school classic mobb music. Do yourself a favor and buy both discs, but if your asking what disc is better? Then yeah this first disc is definatly my favorite of the two, but both are nice. We might not get many more classic mobb albums like this so if you love this mobb music like I do then cop these FASSSSSSSSSST!

SCORE for DISC #1: 10/10


Its always hard for a movie sequel or the 2nd disc of a double album to be as good or better then the one before it, but Disc #2 is well worth your money here. Yes I definatly enjoy the first disc more, but by no means is the 2nd disc dissapointing or bad at all, on its own its great.

Also the first disc was produced all by TC so im sure that is a reason why I like disc #1 a bit more, disc 2 still has some great songs and beats, just its more modern sounding, but still extremely high quality.

Illmannered Playa starts the second disc off with a bang as its a more modern beat, but still slaps and Mr. Kee, Cuddie Cut and Mateo on the mic. Great way to start off this disc with this song here with production from Vybe.

Lunatik Village is produced by Leo J and is another great song that features SB, Cougnut and Leo J on the mic. This track has a real mobb feel to it also, as Leo J did a nice job on the beat.

Friday Night has a very pimpish beat that C-Fresh from IMP spits raps over and also has Maka-Mill and the hook by Carolina. This track sounds like it woulda been dope on Boyz N The Hood or Menace II Society back in the day during a houe party or some shit, dope track.

Bleed The Streets I wasnt feeling all that much, the beat is nice, but I felt like at times some of the rapping just didnt do the beat justice. One of the few negative things I have to say about these two discs and its not even a bad song, just not on par with the others in my opinion and thats all this is really, is just one person's opinion.

EAST is dope as fuck let me say that right away, Indecent The Slapmaster cooped up a hot fucking beat right here and that youngster on the comeup Danked Out does his damn thang as he kicks that dope shit Vallejo style. Tragedy does his thang to, but its Danked Out that definatly steals the show on mic here, keep an eye out for this talented Vallejo artist. Dope chorus, slappin beat, one of hte best up and coming mcs rippin shit? Count me in.

On Site is another mobb slapper produced by TC and has ADR LaVey on the mic and is another good track on two very good discs. The hook could have been a little better, but that is a minor thing, nothing big.

Another one of my favorites on Disc #2 is Days And NIghts (Funk Season2), which has Young D-Boyz and BeBop over a beat from Dank Dunk. Yet another dope track, not much more to say.

San Quinn drops by for The Familia which has a slappin beat and dope rapping for the whole song. Turn the bass up on this one and grab the bong, as I said when I first heard this "Damn that shit go". Its San Quinn that steals the show on this track, Doc HOliday and Droop Tha Goon do a good job to, but Quinn just tear that beat from JS apart.

Thanks fOr Nothing is dope as fuck to, the beat from Dj Mark 7 is super dope, got a real old school feel to it and Malice does a great job of getting some shit off his chest it sounds like. A buddy of mine who doesnt even like rap music but he read this track when I was listening to it and he just loved it, dope track all around. This would probably be my pick for a video for Disc #2.

The Business is... well, The Mothafuckin Business to get to the point. A very well crafted beat that has had me putting it on repeat a bunch of times, does very well with legendary 2-11 and a dope hook. More great mobb music,
this shit here is slappin hard as fuck.

Dead Girls Dont Say No I was probably my least favorite song on these two discs but once again its not a badly made song or a bad beat, its just not a song I would personally put on repeat or want to listen to alot in the future. Just my honest opinion and nothing more here, just telling it how I feel. Might be just that im not huge on horrocore music (although I did enjoy a bunch of the other songs with horrorcore artists on em on these discs). I don't skip this song, I just dont find myself wanting to hear it again anytime soon, while most the other songs I cant wait to hear again.

Some of my other favorites on this disc are:
- Hidden Cougnut track at the end is DOPE AS FUCK!
- What The World Has Done is another one of my favs on Disc #2, really dope/deep shit!
- Talk That Talk with Cobra Abysmal, Agerman and L-Dubb, which has a
another slapper of a beat and entertaining rapping and a good chorus. Did I mention the beat was dope?
- Melt Your Bald Fade with Messy Marv, Droop Tha Goon and Taydatay, which once again has another beat that
I liked and each rapper does they thang, especially Messy.
- Bloodstains with Big Oso Loco has an intense nightmare type beat from Darkhill Productions
- Senorita... its Cougnut, not much more to be said, one of the best ever.
- Guce and Mr.Kee are dope on that ITS THE TURF song, Guce is so dope when he on these gangsta tracks.

SCORE for DISC #2: 9/10

Overall this is well worth the money to buy both of these discs here. If you only have enough for one disc then get the first one, but dont sleep on disc #2, its got some heat!

This is a perfect gift for any fan of Mobb music this holiday season, one of the years best albums no doubt about it. Some things are just perfect for some people... OZ and The Wire were two perfect tv shows for me, E-40s In A Major Way, IMP - IMP, Miles Davis - Birth Of Cool, Goodie Mob - Soul Food and Celly Cel - Killa Kali were perfect rap albums for me.. and this Known Associates Vol.3 is along those same lines as something that pretty much all I want in a cd.

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